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Subj: maybe they've been reasserted somewhat in the last 2-3 years
Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 at 01:52:29 pm CST (Viewed 177 times)
Reply Subj: Re: On Green Lanterns....
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    I think it kind of depends on your views of PM vs. Herald, and even EM....yeah, thats an obvious statement, but, based on a lot of the showings since all the spectrum stuff has come out, GLs seem very vulnerable.

Are you sure? Simon Baz recently took on the entire League minus Superman combined.

    I could see many GL's losing to someone like Thing, Invisible Woman, etc....and they are at EM and PM respectively.

Which showings support that?

    Prior to the early 2000's, in post crisis continuity, I would have ranked almost all GL's as PM or herald, but now I'm not sure any but the very best would qualify for the herald level. Some, those with innate super strength and durability probably would.

Not really, GLs are as powerful as ever.

    BUT, then I also think PM has become too diluted over time. My view is still that a PM might have planetary level powers, but more monofocused...Magneto, Graviton, Immortal Hercules fall in the category...Herc doesn't have versatility, Mags and GRaviton can put up force fields, but if they take one shot they're human durability etc. I even think Dr. Strange could well be considered PM, despite having some showings better than most heralds...he's also been owned by Spider Man at least twice (and yes, I mean owned)....

    By that calculus, no, I don't think the rank and file GL's operate above EM level (but then, I think Warbird era Carol Danvers and Thunderstrike hover at the EM/PM barrier, though probably on the top end EM side).

    But again, I hold the line high for PM, and high for herald.

    I agree with what you've said for the most part, however.

but had a lot of poor showings in the 2000's, with some good ones as well. I'll pull some scans later and show you.

But then, it also depends on where you see the other PM's I listed. Invisible Woman took on a handful of high end powerhouses when Valeria was threatened, and took them out casually.

Magneto and Graviton have some uber showings (Graviton took out almost every hero on Earth simultaneously, for instance).

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