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Subj: Yeah, but consistently martians and daxamites have been 'near' Superman
Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 at 01:32:24 pm EST (Viewed 452 times)
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    Hyperclan were all Martians, does that mean Superman level...I don't think any but the strongest martians are really as strong as Supes, for instance.

In that arc, Martians were specifically stated to be as fast and strong as Superman. It's not true for every appearance though.

    Zum was likely faster, but in general, I'd put them all physically inferior to Superman...though likely superior in strength to all but Ultimus, Gilgamesh, and maybe a powerfully written Ikaris

That's not what the comic showed.

    Yet, Thena's EP could well be among the best in the MU. Eternals can survive being blown apart and atomized. Sersi showed her psi was on par with an amped Exodus (who was still able to withstand a blindside telpathic assault from Professor X), and her transmutation and illusion were better than her psi. She was able to amp her strength to handle Hercules (though he may not have been immortal at the time...the timeline of when he was at half strength eludes me).

That's hardly their average showings. Super skrull has straight up beaten Sersi. She was totally useless against Hulk.

    Ultimus is certainly top tier overall. Gilgamesh as well, and probably more durable than any of the Hyperclan. Sersi more powerful as well, though not a physical powerhouse. Makkari pre speedup vs. Zum would be a pretty even fight speedup he'd have the speed advantage, but still lose IMO.

How is Gilgamesh any more durable than Hyperclan? For that he needs to be tougher than Superman too.

Sersi isn't more powerful than J'onn.

not his equal. I know bio's don't mean much, but they consistently noted Protex was the closest to being a physical peer to Superman.

As to 'Average showings' actually its not far off. Its true that one of Super Skrull's best showings was when he and Surfer fought multiple Eternals effectively, but that is one of their lower showings as a group, and they DID take them captive IIRC.

When did she fight Hulk? Are you talking about the cosmic powered Hulk robot that was just as strong as the Hulk (but later reanimated by Doom and beaten by Pineapple Thing)? She wasn't ineffective there, and Ikaris was able to fight that Hulk fairly well, even if it was a losing fight.

Sersi was able to turn him to stone for a time as well.

As to gilgamesh vs. Hyperclan in durability: At base, Gilgamesh is about equal to Immortal Hercules, at least in the same ballpark, but as an eternal, with complete control over his molecules, he can reform from complete atomization, create force fields, etc. that makes him overall more durable.

As to Sersi vs. Jonn...she's able to increase her strength with TK so as to own Hercules. Her psi is every bit as impressive as his. Transmutation at her level is absurd, and has owned very powerful opponents. Her EP is well beyond his.

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