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Subj: Re: Darkseid vs JLA: Turn tail and run
Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 at 09:14:05 pm CST (Viewed 168 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Darkseid vs JLA: Turn tail and run
Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 at 08:39:09 pm CST (Viewed 204 times)


      Exactly. It's not a risk if he's sure to win, which he isn't, hence, it's a risk.
    He wasn't talking about being a risk in losing. He was talking about his plans being in jeopardy. The league would certainly waste his time.

He was about to "waste" his time fighting Wonder Woman, who by the way was sure she would win this time. Diana is the embodiment of truth telling so Darkseid couldn't be that far out of her league for her to be so sure. Anyway, Darkseid most certainly was talking about a risk of losing.

Darkseid: You've never been able to defeat me before.
Wonder Woman: Then this will be a first time.
Darkseid: I doubt it. Not without help from your precious...

The Justice League shows up. Darkseid's dialogue clearly meant to indicate that Wonder Woman could not beat him without help from her "precious" Justice League. Obviously that meant with the League, she could defeat him. Then Darkseid states, "I'd delight in testing out my newly regained power, too, but my end goal is too great to risk now." The clear context is that the risk lies in testing himself against the League. So we have a rough measure of current Darkseid' power level, it's roughly equal to 6 members of the Justice League. Well, at least until he gets beaten by Superman alone again.



        That's quintessential Kirby Darkseid who used combat as a last resort. The guy did not even fight Forever People due to the same reasons.


        Except that Darkseid was all ready to fight Wonder Woman until the Justice League showed up and then he hightailed it and ran.

    Because it was his plan to lure Zeus by attacking Diana.

That explanation makes no sense as to why Darkseid fled.



        And how does it shows that DC Zeus is less powerful than Marvel Zeus? A weakened Thor and She Hulk have restrained a warrior madness Zeus before.
      Funny, how you ignore the context. This is a repeated tactic of yours in which you pull a little moment out of context to say it means something that the larger context completely dismantles. In the heat of battle, Zeus had just beat up Hercules without even looking at who was attacking him. The Avengers were trying to talk sense to Zeus. Thor states, "Nay, Zeus, tis you who have erred," and Zeus stops to understand what's happening. Before Hercules intervened, Zeus had knocked out all the Avengers. Nothing is preventing Zeus from doing that again.
    Are you sure?


    Zeus flat out says to She Hulk that she has made error of his life and wouldn't calm down till the next page where he sees Hercules.

Zeus didn't know what was going on. He didn't know who he just demolished and why the Avengers were reacting the way they did. He was still in a rage but also in the process of figuring it all out.

    Avengers restrained Zeus. Also Zeus only knocked out Avengers after a long fight where Avengers were previously tortured and weakened.

Apparently you missed what I said next.


      And this was a fight in which Zeus was repeatedly defeating Avengers only to let them get up so he could beat them up some more. In other words, he was holding back.
    He was in warrior madness at that time and not holding back in the least.

Giving your opponents time to wake up and get back into the fight is holding back.


      Your own scans show Hebe saying to Zeus, "Shall I give the order to evacuate the city?" and Zeus says, "Never, Hebe!" Mislead much? Nevermind that when Zeus did fight Hulk, he completely demolished Hulk without using any of his real versatility.
    He was waiting for Hercules to save Olympians and was boasting in front of Hebe. Pak outright shows Zeus fearing Hulk.

Then you used the wrong scan to support your argument. Battleboard 101: use scans that support your argument. And again, when Pak wrote Hulk actually fighting Zeus, it was no contest. Zeus demolished the Hulk. Do you deny that?

    Just like Darkseid koed entire league with one blast. But that obviously doesn't count.

Darkseid surprise attacked the League in the very first seconds of their first encounter. Zeus ko'd all the Avengers with one blast after fighting them at length, so there was no element of surprise there, and the comic clearly stated this was at length because Zeus wanted to keep beating up on the Avengers, not kill them right away. Sparing their lives when he didn't have to is holding back. So are you going to deny what's right there on panel again?

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