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Based on this pervious posts:

You everbody forge tthat Q has an true rival when it comes to Q's power and its name is 0 (Zero):
Check this out:

by this point, after 600,000 years in exile, he was completely and irreparably insane, not even recognizing the basic underpinnings of reality, a situation which, curiously, then apparently gave him near-unlimited power over existence surpassing even the Q

There is also this read on the bottom what species there are....

So, who is truly the most powerful entity in entire Star Trek mltiverse, from 1 to 20?

And what about the Doctor Who vs. all these omnipotent entities-I don't believe that the Doctor would defeat any of them, even if he makes them talk!
Just destroy Dr. Who with no talking-end of Dr. Who!

And also destroy all the timelines where all the Doctors exist and destroy all TARDISes in all timelines, it's the final end of both Dr. Who and TARDIS, as well!

Here are threads about Doctor Who vs. Q:

As far as Paramount is concerned the tv series alone are canon. The book don't have a set continunity and at times contradict each other. Then you have the online and video games that contradict each other as well. Star Wars was the universe that George Lucas exorcised aboslute creative control over to keep everything organized.

As far Star Trek:

Tv Series: The Q are the most powerful beings around. Invincible to anything except another Q. Nothing we have seen contratics this. Other beings may be powerful, but not have demonstrated to being close to the level of the Q.

The Novels are more complicated because that contradict each other. I haven't read the novels, but from what I gather from reading articles online...

The Creator of the Star Trek Multiverse: Either The Lady or THEM. The entire continuum is powerless against them.

Second Level: Q Continuum/M Continuum - The M were introduced as some sort of counterbalance to the Q and are just as powerful.

Third Level - Zero - He is more powerful than individual Q, but not by much and certainly not the entire Continuum.

Fourth - Individual Q

Fifth - Organians, I once read an except from the battle between the Q and Zero. The Organians observed and Q commented that while they were highly evolved compared to humans they are still a good ways below the Q.

The rest is speculative since omnioptent beings rarely confront each other and it is impossible to measure without a direct confrontation.

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