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Subj: Re: So let me get this perfectly straight...
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    Yes, he did. It was called stopping mjolnir with one hand.

    It was quite shocking too.

That's not overpowering anyone. No one will say that Gladiator overpowers Hyperion based off of catching his punch:

    No, he didn't. He said that there was more time passed between panels.

He says that fighting happened off panel.

    Brevoort is an idiot who has no idea about continuity.

Brevoort is noted for being knowledgeable about continuity. He is, after all, a senior editor.

    Are you sure you want to argue that Thor couldn't summon mjolnir back before Jurgens?

As I said, he typically was shown without that capability. A couple of writers took it on themselves to portray him as doing it, but Jurgens didn't. The discussion with Brevoort came about when fans questioned why he couldn't summon the hammer from Red Hulk's hands.

    Not even close to being the truth. He could summon mjolnir any time he wanted.


    Heck he summoned Mjolnir from the depths of space against Terminus in an Avengers annual.

He needed to recite runes to do so. When the hammer was taken from him by the metallic leaches, he couldn't summon it back.


      The writer of the story is the artist.

    Who confirmed that they were moving as Ghosts of time and Thor didn't suddenly start moving at hyperspeed.

They were called ghosts of time due to moving so fast that they were ghosts.