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Subj: lol, I was thinking globally, you have a very good point
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Even though the comics focus on EARTH. Each Universe is HUUUUUUUGE. Marvel especially has well established multi Galaxy spanning empires (Shiar, Skrull, Kree, Brood, and now Chitauri).

In both DC and Marvel, Earth is a singularly odd planet that can barely get past the moon but with inhabitants that are surprisingly among the most powerful in their entire universes. Earth's heroes (in each universe) have defeated universal level threats that the largest empires cannot. And yet, when earth-based heroes (even Superman) travel the stars, the common peoples among Alien races don't have a clue who they are. So most popular in their respective universe? Unlikely.

My votes for this is based on who would be the most recognizable person in each respective universe no matter where in the Universe they would go.

Marvel: Silver Surfer would be the most recognizable/feared as he probably still has the reputation as working for Galactus. Second place would be Gladiator as a ruler of the Shiar empire and originally, its greatest hero. One could argue that Richard Rider NOVA would be extremely recognizable and admired throughout the universe because of his efforts leading the Annihilation War. That dude shouldn't be able to go anywhere without people buying him drinks.

DC: I would say Hal Jordan or Kilowog Green Lanterns would be universally known and respected. The Green Lantern Core is the number one peacekeeping force in the DCU and they are among the top of their elite leaders instrumental in every one of their biggest victories. The uniform alone makes them more recognizable then all the earth based heroes combined outside of our solar system.

though I think its likely Surfer is more reviled despite his heroism in the current age, because he was a herald for Galactus for so long....

But, Gladiator is probably at or near the top of the list.

Thor moves up, because in Asgard and other mystical realms he's well known and respected.

Maybe Dr. Strange is bumped as well.

Maybe even some guys like Ronan, Super Skrull, etc...heroes (at times) of their respective empires.

If Sakaar wasn't destroyed, that would have bumped Hulk, as he would have a whole planet + Jarella's microverse behind him.

In DC, you're right, Superman has an interstellar rep (as referenced by Massacre in post crisis continuity), as does Wonder Woman (there was a LONG period of her off planet in early post crisis continuity). Green lanterns in general would be up there, you're right.

How about Orion...how many races know of the heroes of the New gods and revere them?

How populous is Apokalips, Darkseid could legitimately qualify, even as he's reviled everywhere else....

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