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Subj: Re: Well, from what you showed not even Vision and Black Panther believed Thor....
Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 at 06:08:57 pm EST (Viewed 214 times)
Reply Subj: Well, from what you showed not even Vision and Black Panther believed Thor....
Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 at 05:31:30 pm EST (Viewed 197 times)

    I am assuming Swordsman held his own, but yeah Thor does like to exaggerate.

Swordsman did better than hold his own. He bested Vision and Panther in a couple of pages, which apparently quelled their doubts about his abilities.

    The strength thing, I don't really believe, but thinking about it weren't the villians enhanced by the Norn Stones or something? Regardless, it is clear in the narrative Taskmaster is getting better.

Sure. It does seem to suggest he wasn't quite as skilled as Fandral initially, although he couldn't have been too far below him, or else he wouldn't have lasted long enough to catch up.

    IIRC, Taskmaster only normally gets beat because he is stupid. Daredevil beat him by getting Taskmaster to do flips until he hit something and Taskmaster got beat by Mister X as X could read his mind.

There are excuses for some of his losses but not all of them. Elektra beat him straight up.

    Nonetheless, Taskmaster is above Swordsman and if he was enhanced by the Norn Stones, this doesn't look good for the Swordsman vs Fandral one on one.

I'm not aware of Taskmaster being enhanced by anything in that story. Nothing is mentioned about that in the issues those scans came from, or in any other related issue I've read.

And I don't buy that Taskmaster is above Swordsman in sword skills. His skills are primarily based on those of the Black Knight (that's the only character I've seen referenced in regard to Tasky's sword skills), which suggests he's at best equal to Dane, and possibly a bit below, since copying some of Dane's moves doesn't mean he knows all of Dane's moves. Nor does it mean he has as much experience of sword fighting as Dane, or as much knowledge of how to string those moves together in the most effective way.

Judging by the Black Knight's showing against the second Swordsman, I'd guess he and the Swordsman are about equal, but either one could conceivably have a slight edge, since the fight wasn't conclusively settled one way or the other.