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    Go with the versions your most familiar with.

1. Superboy-Prime
2. Doomsday (Most powerful, best version)
3. Bizarro (not the New 52 version), Black Adam, Captain Marvel (Billy Batson), Superman (Bizarro is by far the most inept of these four so in actual effectiveness, he's lower than they are even if theoretically he's as strong)
4. General Zod (because he's had less long term exposure to a yellow sun than Superman)
5. Cyborg Superman, Martian Manhunter, Mongul, Supergirl, Ursa/Faora, Wonder Woman
6. Eradicator

Darkseid has too few straightforward strength feats to give him a clear ranking.

although would probably rate Darkseid higher. More for indirect combat feats against known strong characters.

Look Raist bunnies...