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Subj: Agree....
Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 at 06:02:21 pm EST (Viewed 176 times)
Reply Subj: Thor has more 'fight' in him than any other hero. He's been thru 1,000s of years against impossible odds.
Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 at 07:54:34 pm EST (Viewed 179 times)

People tend to forget that Thor is really old.. LITERALLY Centuries before the likes of Batman, Superman, Captain America, etc. were born Thor was fighting Demons of all kinds, Trolls, Storm Giants that measures over 300 feet tall, Aliens with sophisticated technology ahead of our present day tech. by thousands if not millions of years more advanced. Every possible scenario you could practically think of, Thor has had the experience. His heart would be practically still under such threats; if not, why would he talk down on a Celestial (Arishen) that has the power to conceivably destroy worlds with but a gesture; never mind the ONE Above All- who he attacked. It's extremely hard to stop someone like him when he's really ticked off.. Batman, captain America and others should be asking Thor for advice.. I think that if someone like Thanos wouldn't use his innate powers and especially siphoning energies from some mysterious source; likewise Thor would not use his hammer and his innate powers- in such a physical confrontation to the death- Thanos would not last a minute. I don't care how some would say that Thanos could take a beaten and such- Thor would kill him, and he would do this quickly...

Here, Grog is vastly superior in strength and durability- and he's virtually no match against a seriously ticked off Thor.. Remember, a weak and mortal Thor was physically tortured for days non-stop before this confrontation..

Like I said, it's hard to stop someone that supposed to fight months non-stop in the day of Ragnorak, and no futuristic advanced fighting skills could stop him.

80 days and night non-stop w/o food or water- no problem for someone who is so determine to stop his enemies.. Tell me, how can you stop someone with that kind of such vast experience, will power and resolution?