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    I always thought Superman and Doomsday got less powerful, due to the strain.

Superman was clearly faltering due to his injuries, and the narration suggested Doomsday was tiring as well. But if you accept the notion that Superman could crank up the rate at which he accessed his remaining power reserves, then it follows that he could've had a burst of increased strength at the end, despite his otherwise weakened condition. I've posted scans from the DOS novelisation so you can read them for yourself.

    I remember Superman making a comment that when he came back, it was as his power levels had diminished due to the fighting and beating he sustained.

There's also the fact that the Eradicator had been leeching solar energy from his body while he was healing in the Fortress. The Eradicator couldn't absorb ambient solar rays directly, so he needed Superman's body as a conduit. And since he was getting all his juice from Superman, that means he probably took quite alot.

I think Superman was actually less powerful when he initially returned in the black costume (he said he had about a tenth of his normal power level at that point) than he was immediately after his death. When Project Cadmus had his corpse (before the Eradicator got hold of it), Director Westfield said they couldn't "scrape a cell sample off that indestructible stiff".

That's why they couldn't clone Superman directly like they wanted, and were forced to genetically engineer a clone of Westfield instead to make it as Kryptonian-like as they could (resulting in Superboy and his tactile-telekinesis). This was retconned years later by Geoff Johns, who established that Kon-El was 50% cloned from Superman and 50% cloned from Luthor. But the original idea was that Superboy was totally human in terms of his base DNA, and just genetically engineered to resemble Superman.

    In theory Billy has magical stamina, he's not dependent on solar energies.

But he can be weakened by cumulative injuries. The punishment he took during his first fight with an Eclipso-possessed Superman (during the Eclipso: The Darkness Within storyline) was enough to keep him out of action for the rest of the arc.

I seem to recall something similar.

Funnily enough, I thought the Eradicator had just cloned the body, but it would make sense if Steel could hurt him with a simple grip and yet Cadmus couldn't get a cell sample.

Although, I thought the Eradicator's energies was the reason he was powered up again in the first place....

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