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Subj: Re: Thanos vs. Darkseid (one last time!)
Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 at 11:02:29 pm EST (Viewed 87 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Thanos vs. Darkseid (one last time!)
Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 at 09:51:27 pm EST (Viewed 135 times)

    Not saying retcons shouldn’t count, just that if you lump non-retconned Thanos events alongside Darkseid, perhaps the portrayals are more balanced. What I’m really getting at, though, is that DC could easily within one page similarly retcon Darkseid losses and attribute them to avatars like Thanos and his clones. Dc just hasn’t done this, but the fix would be simple, and suddenly, portrayals would be comparable again.

That's just a really weird way of making a point that's not making a point at all. You're saying that if the comics were written differently, we would have a different interpretation of events. Well, of course, except they weren't written differently, so you have to take them as they are, not what you clearly want them to be.


      Really? Squirrel Girl is comedy. You're not supposed to take it seriously.
    Yeah, I know. But just asking, is the story canon regardless?

I think Marvel is leaving that up to the reader.



        And Drax did punch a hole through his chest.
      Drax was created by a skyfather-level being, Kronos, to be Thanos' magical weakness. Drax was also attacking Thanos while Thanos was distracted, and in Thanos Annual #1, Starlin even retconned this to Thanos being in a "very weakened state." And in their history, Thanos has beaten Drax many times. Again, you need to take the full context into account.
    Well, weakened state doesn’t mean a hole punch suddenly goes through your chest, just that you’re exhausted.

That's not necessarily the interpretation to take in comics. In a world of super powers, not having your usual powers, in this case Thanos' full durability, is a weakened state. Starlin doesn't clarify on the specifics here, but his clear intent is to say that this wouldn't have happened to a normal Thanos.

    Yeah, I know about Kronos, but Drax and Thanos fought many times before and it never happened until it did. Maybe Thanos does have a magical weakness, strange how that never prevented him from withstanding prior Drax blows. His arms were green imbued, I’ll give that, but still... I’m certain ive seen Drax elsewhere drclare he was made to be Thanos’ destroyer and then get tatted and feathered.

So what's your point? Drax attacks a Thanos who is both in a "very weakened state" and distracted, and you want this to indicate that Thanos is not very powerful?


      Thanos took Black Bolt's scream. Black Bolt then hit Thanos with subsequent screams that were weaker that Thanos completely shrugged off. There are few durability feats better than surviving a full Black Bolt scream. Also when Thanos fought the Fallen One, Thanos ignited a gas giant planet which completely exploded around him. Thanos wasn't terribly affected but it ko'd the Fallen One.
    Yeah, and to be honest, I lost all respect for Blackbolt’s scream, that’s the trade off. It was a total job or a new lowered standard. In fact, if Thor were to now withstand I’d be like yawn. It just doesn’t hold that same regard anymore than when Sentry said a battle between them would end everything. Obviously, everything as we know it didn’t end when he ejected on Thanos, what happened?

I see. So anytime Thanos looks good, it doesn't count because whoever he looks good against is jobbing. Got it.


      You're just rambling here. Pointing to outliers in Surfer showings isn't relevant. Should we reduce the Hulk to Princess Python's snake level or Superman's durability to a gas station explosion? Characters have very low showings sometimes. It shouldn't define them and neither should their very highest showings.
    It’s not rambling, it’s demonstrating that we don’t perceive Surfer in the same regard which is why Surfer seems to have more outliers. Surfer is the main top tier people point to when differentiating Thanos vs top tier level. When he first met Loki, Loki was blasting and harassing him, and instead of fighting back, Surfer literally sulked on his board, flew away, and Loki had to chase him to continue a provocation. He’s a pacifist, not a warrior. And so when he jumps into Thanos’ face, I’m immediately thinking he’s only half hearted, not really channeling what he can truly do.

Wow, way to distort the context. When Surfer first met Loki, Surfer didn't know who he was. Surfer was in a hopeless and anguished state being trapped on Earth and didn't care about living in that moment. That is totally not what Surfer is normally like for the vast majority of his existence. There have been many instances in which Surfer goes into battle fervently. His battle with and loss to Thanos is one of those instances. But I see. For you anytime Thanos looks good, it doesn't count because whoever he looks good against is jobbing or not putting his full effort into it. Got it.



        Outside of the clear gap between Thanos and Surfer, when has he demolished a top tier that led no doubt? And I don’t mean one shot backhands or knocking heads together as suggestive evidence - Darkseid does that to Suuperman all the time - but a true butt kicking where the other is decimated and cant continue?
      In the very DC/Marvel crossover you were citing, Thanos beats Terrax easily and the observation is made that Thanos is "a hell of a lot more powerful" than Terrax. Also Thanos beat Beta Ray Bill in a fight leaving no room for doubt about his superiority. Right after that, he two-shots Ronan the Accuser.
    I don’t consider Terrax a top tier.... maybe others do because yes he’s a herald, but still. Surfer is the most powerful herald, Terrax a notch below.

I see. So anytime Thanos looks good, it doesn't count because whoever he looks good against is a jobber. Got it. Terrax has beaten virtually all the other heralds outside of Morg and Surfer. Terrax has destroyed a whole planet with one swing of his axe. Terrax is no weakling.

    And Beta Ray Bill? Come on! I’m asking for a non-expendable top tier character, not somebody with a jobber ready contract in place. Otherwise Superman goes toe to toe wiling Skyfather level beings like cythonna who could fight sun god rap on fairly equal terms.

I see. So anytime Thanos looks good, it doesn't count because whoever he looks good against is a jobber. Got it. See, anyone could argue like you, i.e., completely rationalize and then dismiss every example brought up, but what you're doing is no longer using reason to choose, you're just choosing your reasons.


      The Maker had the nigh infinite power of the Beyonder, she was just in a physical form. Thanos is able to exchange several energy blasts with her before using psi to destroy her mind.
    A fraction is my claim, not nigh omnipotent. I could look into that though, but that’s what I’m gathering - that the power level was substantially less.

I was being generous. But I'll save you from looking into it and show you exactly what the comic says: "His inquiries have led him to one being of infinite power. They call her the Maker - but once she was known as the Beyonder." But I know, I know, it doesn't count because the Maker was jobbing.



        Why is it so indisputable that he’s substantially more powerful than a top tier? When has he team busted a team that had more than one or two top tiers?
      Thanos and Adam Warlock beat the Annihilators (Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator, Ikon, Quasar, Ronan the Accuser, Silver Surfer). While Thanos was weakened by Death, he was beating the entire Imperial Guard minus Gladiator until Gladiator showed up. The narration later stated it would have been "impossible" for the Imperial Guard to have won had Thanos not been weakened. Thanos was winning against the Ultimates (Black Panther, Blue Marvel, Captain Marvel in Binary form, Miss America, and Spectrum) until Blue Marvel came up with a plot device machine that beat Thanos. The only time a single top tier has beaten Thanos (though it was really a Thanos clone) one on one was when Thor was powered up by enchanted armor and his belt of strength against an also powered up Thanos (clone).
    Did Thanos actually choose to fight Gladiator or teleport him 200 miles away? I guess some believe BFR counts as a win but I’m not sure I do.

So are you going to concede that Thanos has team busted some powerful teams or are they all jobbers to you (again)?

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