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Subj: Re: Thanos vs. Darkseid (one last time!)
Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 at 08:10:11 am EST (Viewed 202 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Thanos vs. Darkseid (one last time!)
Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 at 12:50:36 am EST (Viewed 199 times)


      That's just a really weird way of making a point that's not making a point at all. You're saying that if the comics were written differently, we would have a different interpretation of events. Well, of course, except they weren't written differently, so you have to take them as they are, not what you clearly want them to be.
    Well, the point I made is that Thanos simply has authors, namely Starlin, dead set on retconning any bad showings where Darkseid has no such advantage. Minus the retcons, they’re similar IMO. It’s not that they were written differently, it’s that one character has a routine fix-up todesperately erase another author’s true intention of Thanos losing cleanly.

But again, it's totally irrelevant because that is how the comics have been written. If DC wanted to depict Darkseid as well as Thanos, they could easily make the choice to do so. Instead they've had him lose repeatedly to Superman, to Doomsday, and at least once to Orion.




          Really? Squirrel Girl is comedy. You're not supposed to take it seriously.
        Yeah, I know. But just asking, is the story canon regardless?
      I think Marvel is leaving that up to the reader.
    In that case, by your own words, it’s okay for me to accept it as canon. I don’t even think squirrel girl is top tier, is she? What are her feats, and in your opinion, has Darkeid ever been KO’d by someone so lowly? Surely it can’t be near as bad as losing to dc icon Superman, right? Has darkseid ever lost to someone sub-Superman level?

Squirrel Girl is above top tier. She beats everyone. The title of her comic is the UNBEATABLE Squirrel Girl. But really, you've got to be pretty desperate to resort to a comedy showing that is intentionally not to be taken seriously.

    But I thought it was Drax’s skyfather punch, not Thanos weakened state, that caused the chest hole punch.

They are not mutually exclusive.

    The only reason for a retcon would be an admission that there was nothing special about Drax’s punch, that Thanos was indeed weakened. So when weakened, his molecular structure loses density and is susceptible to body hole punches. Interesting...

I think Starlin is so protective of Thanos and sees him as so far above Drax that even with Drax's special advantage against Thanos, Starlin thought that was an inappropriate depiction. But your missing the point, Starlin created an in-canon excuse that this would not have happened to a normal Thanos.

    And whether he was distracted or not now has an impact on his durability against body hole punches?

Being distracted has an impact on his ability to play defense certainly.

    No, it’s just that he waded through a Blackbolt blast that didnt destroy half the planet, end reality, nothing as intense as the magnitude readers have been led to believe BB is capable of. Very minor surrounding damage, a huge letdown. Had BB’s scream destroyed the planet in the process, okay, I’m with you. but nothing like that happened.

This is nitpicking in the extreme. This type of thing happens all the time in comics in which immense collateral damage would upend the plot and so is ignored, especially when cosmic being fight.


      Wow, way to distort the context. When Surfer first met Loki, Surfer didn't know who he was. Surfer was in a hopeless and anguished state being trapped on Earth and didn't care about living in that moment. That is totally not what Surfer is normally like for the vast majority of his existence. There have been many instances in which Surfer goes into battle fervently. His battle with and loss to Thanos is one of those instances. But I see. For you anytime Thanos looks good, it doesn't count because whoever he looks good against is jobbing or not putting his full effort into it. Got it.
    Im not arguing that it doesn’t count, just that considerations have to be made. Surfer to me is like a captain Picard with fighting skills. Even if he appears fervent, it’s still captain Picard. Norrin radd by nature is a pacifist, not a warrior. I’m not convinced that he engages in battle with the same determination or intensity, which might even impact his durability.

But your reasoning is flawed. Just because Surfer sometimes holds back doesn't mean he's always holding back, and there's no indication that he was holding back against Thanos.


      I see. So anytime Thanos looks good, it doesn't count because whoever he looks good against is a jobber. Got it. Terrax has beaten virtually all the other heralds outside of Morg and Surfer. Terrax has destroyed a whole planet with one swing of his axe. Terrax is no weakling.
    Terrax to me is low top tier, like Steppenwolf or Wonder Woman. Strong, but no match for a real top tier. Have you seen the recent JLA movie? Steppenwolf was beating up on Wonder Woman and Aquaman but was nothing but a rag doll to Superman. Steppenwolf once drove his axe on Superman’s shoulder and Superman was completely unfazed. “Hello, invulnerable?” Is what Superman said, in fact.

Except I gave you reasons for considering Terrax as very powerful and you gave me none and went into a non sequitur on the Justice League movie.


      I see. So anytime Thanos looks good, it doesn't count because whoever he looks good against is a jobber. Got it. See, anyone could argue like you, i.e., completely rationalize and then dismiss every example brought up, but what you're doing is no longer using reason to choose, you're just choosing your reasons.
    BRB has been beaten by Surfer just as bad. “You are no match for me” said a very mellow and pacifist Surfer trying to talk out of a fight.

So you will only accept Thanos' prowess if he defeats a top tier, by which you mean about 5 characters but Surfer doesn't count. Gotcha.


      I was being generous. But I'll save you from looking into it and show you exactly what the comic says: "His inquiries have led him to one being of infinite power. They call her the Maker - but once she was known as the Beyonder." But I know, I know, it doesn't count because the Maker was jobbing.
    I still insist onlooking into this. I certain there is missing context.

Well, I didn't expect you to accept it just like you didn't accept anything else despite it being right there in the comic.

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