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Subj: Re: Thanos vs. Darkseid (one last time!)
Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 at 11:55:14 pm EST (Viewed 175 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Thanos vs. Darkseid (one last time!)
Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 at 06:57:45 pm EST (Viewed 267 times)


      Squirrel Girl is above top tier. She beats everyone. The title of her comic is the UNBEATABLE Squirrel Girl. But really, you've got to be pretty desperate to resort to a comedy showing that is intentionally not to be taken seriously.
    Do you say she's above top tier in jest or were you making a serious argument? Her respect thread is here:


    She's strong but far from top tier.

Did you read through that entire thread? Squirrel Girl beat Ego the Living Planet and Korvac. They are Galactus-level foes. She also beat the Avengers in 26 seconds. But really, it's silly to use Squirrel Girl has a means to diminish Thanos. The very concept of Squirrel Girl makes a mockery of battleboards.

    And I was clear with you, is the story canon (canon = reality) and you said it's up to the reader. So you can ring the bells of desperation all you want, but it won't overcome that the story has an argument for reality by your own admission.

But I didn't admit anything. I do think Marvel wants people who like Squirrel Girl to be able to consider her stories in canon if it pleases them and those who don't like her to decide the more absurd stories aren't in canon. You're all about choosing only evidence that supports what you want to see, so you've made your decision in this respect.

As for desperation, I'm examining my feelings, and nope, I certainly don't feel desperate. On the contrary, I feel like I've countered all your points. You're left with dismissing Black Bolt, Beta Ray Bill, Ronan the Accuser, and the Maker as jobbers. The one time Drax killed a distracted Thanos who wasn't even fighting against Drax counts for you though somehow all the times Thanos beat Drax before that doesn't. The Silver Surfer, who you admit is top tier also somehow doesn't count. You want to focus on Drax and his fist, who again was created specifically by Kronos to kill Thanos, as the extent of Thanos' durability even though the much more powerful Silver Surfer and Odin and Maker have blasted Thanos and he was able to shrug those off. And Thanos was not much affected by a gas giant planet explosion. Odin aside, Thanos has beaten all of these characters, often quite easily, yet you refuse to see him as significantly superior to top tier heroes because of, uh, Squirrel Girl. Squirrel Girl! No, I'm not the desperate one here.

    Fine. Play it your way. How strong then do you believe Black Bolt's yell is and how strong was it when he used it against Thanos? Please be as precise as possible.

You can't be very precise when it comes to speculative fiction. That's why handbooks are a guide and not to be taken too literally. Black Bolt's voice attack has been all over the place from being a threat to Galactus to barely ko'ing Namor. His voice is as powerful or as weak as the story calls for. Personally, I'd say at full power, his voice should at least be able to destroy a continent if he focused it toward such a task.


      But your reasoning is flawed. Just because Surfer sometimes holds back doesn't mean he's always holding back, and there's no indication that he was holding back against Thanos.
    I didn't say he's always holding back, just that it's often enough to leave a shadow of doubt I can't ignore. Whether he doesn't focus enough, isn't evil enough to do what he's capable of, I don't know. But that's my opinion.

Conveniently. But again, it doesn't matter what Surfer's general mindset is. What matters is what Surfer's mindset was when he attacked Thanos. In their first encounter, Thanos killed half the population of a planet called Salaria. When Surfer faced Thanos next, Surfer stated, "No quarter will be given or expected in this conflict, villain! No mercy for the murderer of millions!" Surfer obviously does not hold back when fighting Thanos.

    Okay, well this is why I don't consider him a true top tier. Absolute no-sell.

Again, it's one showing whereas we've seen Terrax lift the entire island of Manhattan, beat Firelord (who himself has beaten Surfer before) and Air-Walker, and destroy an entire planet. And as we've seen, Sentry ultimately was above top tier heroes.

    Not to open up another debate, but Sentry and Superman, the similarities and comparability, you get where this would go if we continued and I really don't care to do that.

And Sentry, when focused, was above Superman as well. Beyond strength, durability, super speed, flight, and energy projection, Sentry simply has more powers than Superman: psi that can mind-wipe the whole world and molecular rearrangement that could beat the Molecule Man. Sentry's handicap was his mental state.

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