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Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 at 10:16:21 am EST (Viewed 119 times)
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    It was unretconned in Unbeatable Squirrel Girl then.

No it wasn't. She was simply still going by Uatu's error.


      And since Superman struggled more against Thor than he did Darkseid in Apokolips Now, we can agree tha Thor is above DC top tiers.

    And Kyle Rayner defeated an amped Thanos so he must be above Thanos.

That's not what happened. From behind, he absorbs the Oan energy from Thanos, which reduces Thanos back to his normal power level. The universe then rights itself by sending Thanos back to the MU. So you have a GL absorbing Oan energy (duh), which has nothing to do with how he does against Thanos's normal power and Thanos casually and with a smile takes down the same Terrax that Kyle struggles against.

    And Superman did not have to resort to attack Thor with his own lightning to defeat him. He just straight up overpowered Thor.

He resorted to a prolonged and intense blast of heat vision.