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Subj: to be fair, the doohickey the Thanos clone had powered him up too
Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 at 11:02:49 am EST (Viewed 129 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Another Battle Scan: Superman vs. Darkseid: Action Comics #586
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    Ka zar faced a clone but according to zvelf logic it's original Thanos.

You're completely twisting what I said because you have no argument.

    After Ka zar beats it down and drowns it in lava.

First, Ka-Zar is fighting a "low level model," not the real Thanos so everything else you're stating doesn't matter. Second, Ka-Zar doesn't even beat it. It comes out of the lava and clobbers Ka-Zar!

    Except Ka Zar, Kyle Rayner and Squirrel Girl. Oh and Thor too. It's akin to Superman/Batman 13 scene.

As Primetime already made clear to you as well, no, Ka-Zar did not win. As Knight and Primetime already made clear, no, Kyle did not beat Thanos. As Primetime already made clear, Squirrel Girl was fighting a clone, which shouldn't matter anyway because Squirrel Girl's feats shouldn't be taken seriously. As for Thor, he was powered up when he beat Thanos or the Thanos clone.

and all the Odinpowered stuff got burned up with Thor fighting through the energy it generated, but Thor still took down the clone while wearing his belt of yeah, he was powered up.