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Subj: Question, if Spider Man dodges the Rhino and makes him run into an adamantium wall
Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 at 11:10:39 am EST (Viewed 171 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Another Battle Scan: Superman vs. Darkseid: Action Comics #586
Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 at 05:55:16 am EST (Viewed 181 times)

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        Wow, do you never stop misleading? This is not a TPB that's titled Ka-zar vs. Thanos. It's just a collection of Ka-Zar stories that happens to include Ka-Zar fighting a Thanos clone.
      Where is that stated that Thanos from this TPB is a clone?


        Citation please.


Not in that TPB published by marvel AFTER infinity abyss.

By your logic it's not applicable.



      No, it is not. It's not a part of Superman's power.

    It's part of Superman's flight and speed that he can lead Darkseid's omegas right back to him.

It's affect are not part of Superman's powers. Thus invalidated. Try again.

    It's a fair tactic but it's not Superman's own power and hence any fight involving it isn't a straight fight for Superman.

That's ridiculous. That's like saying an interception doesn't count in football when the quarterback throws a bad pass.

Sorry man, comics are not football.


      Given that Superman and Power Girl and even Thor have taken the omegas without much trouble indicates that you're overrating them. Look at the scans of these fights. Aside from the Action Comics fight, which you don't even think is the true Darkseid, Darkseid is not terribly affected when getting hit by them.
    Darkseid's powers are depleted akin to a short circuit when hit by his own omega beams. It's not a question of durability.

You just completely made that up!


    And no, Superman and power girl haven't taken omega beams at full power. Thor was dropped with one blast, Silver Surfer was dropped in one blast, Superman has been koed with one blast, Orion is outright killed by one blast.

Darkseid states right here that his intent is to kill Superman with the omegas, so yes, with full power, and Superman takes Darkseid's most powerful attack repeatedly and never goes down in this fight.

In AOS 595? Darkseid was weakened.

    Thor simply got knocked down by the omegas and got back up on the next page.

Darkseid stunned Thor who was unable to move and had to be handed mjolnir from Diana.

    Darkseid completely blindsided the Surfer.

Which Thanos also did and accomplished nothing.

    Darkseid's omegas did absolutely nothing to a hungry Galactus who then casually blasted Darkseid away.

Galactus was saved by his essential nature to reality. Otherwise a few giants powered by a fraction of Darkseid's power overpowered Galactus.

    And Orion has also killed Darkseid.

Not under his own power. He was sent by the source to kill Darkseid.


      That's more than either Odin or Thanos can claim regarding these characters.
    Wrong. The only time Odin has fought Surfer, Odin one-shot Surfer, and unlike Darkseid, it wasn't a total blindside.

So? There was no indication Surfer could survive a direct attack from Darkseid if he knew the attack was coming. Darkseid also overpowered Galactus using a fraction of his power creating a few giants.

Odin koed himself fighting Galactus.

    Thanos also hasn't needed to blindside Surfer to win easily.

Right, he blindsided Surfer and did nothing to him.

    Odin holds back when he fights his son for obvious reasons.

He was trying to kill him possessed by Infinity and when he was convinced he was Amon Ra.

He failed to even ko Thor both times.

    On the other hand, neither Odin nor Thanos have been bludgeoned to defeat by a Superman-level foe, not once, not twice, but repeatedly.

Thor has defeated Odin far worse to a bloody pulp.

Squirrel Girl and Kyle Rayner have defeated Thanos straight up.

and the Rhino is KO'd, does Spider Man win?

If Jean Claud Van Damme uses an opponents momentum and strength against them, does he get the win?

I get what you're saying....its even reasonable in assessing power levels, as opposed to combat effectiveness. That said, we also see Superman, Orion, and many others able to hurt Darkseid under their own power, so its not that big of a deal. We also see Superman at least able to survive Omegas where DS is trying to kill him, so again, not a big deal.

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