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Subj: In 1985 I would have said Odin was more powerful than Galactus
Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 at 09:59:27 am EST (Viewed 240 times)
Reply Subj: Powers such as these are diffificult to gauge or measure..
Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 at 04:43:14 pm EST (Viewed 305 times)

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    If Odin is a 100. What is Thor?

    What is Galactus? What is Silver Surfer?

    What is Agamotto? What is Dr Strange?

    What is Surtur? What is Dormmammu? What is Arishem, the Celestial?

    Assume, we are talking about the mode, here.

A Odin who could dispatched Surtur with just a wave of his hand (awaken after the Odin Sleep) is not the same as one who has not slept for months.. A Galactus who has devour a Planet is not the same as one who's looking for one. How could anyone truly measure the scope of powers such as these? How big of a Planet did Galactus devoured? What's it a small, medium or giant size Planet? How can you quantify Odin's Mystical powers that are a threat to the entire Multiverse itself when in its peak (see the Infinity Saga and his battle vs Seth)? How can you quantify Thor's powers when he combines the Mystical powers of Mjolnir and his Life Force at full capacity? How can you gauge Thanos powers- when he decides to siphon energies from some mysterious location? Where does Thanos powers ends and when other energy sources he taps in truly begin?

What I cannot understand is how can all of the people who responded to these questions truly believes that Galactus is above Odin? What actual proves do they have? When they fought, Odin (who's a Master tactician and an Elite warrior for many countless centuries chose to head-butt his opponent when he has a weapon in his hand that could've done far more Extensive damage on his foe and NO collateral damage on his person). Let's say that Odin did not want to kill Galactus because he's a vital intricate part of the MU- well then, he could've instantly healed from his wound (immediately after he KO Galactus)from the headbutt- the same way that he restores Thor back to life fully w/o the injuries he suffered- when Odin killed him. The fact is that you don't need any writers who do not know most of the time what they're doing to tell you how strong or powerful a character is.. Spider-Man cannot touch Firelord with any part of his body because his body emanates heat far more intense that the Sun itself, but they write things like this... The trick is would you accept anything they throw at you, or you actually look for consistency.. I've chosen the latter many moons ago, simply because it's what really makes sense...

but the ongoing shift away from gods and to cosmics has long since tipped the balance IMO.

I find it hard to imagine a scenario where a reasonably healthy Galactus went into battle with Odin as an underdog these days.