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Subj: Re: Another Battle Scan: Superman vs. Darkseid: Action Comics #586
Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 at 09:50:55 pm CST (Viewed 140 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Another Battle Scan: Superman vs. Darkseid: Action Comics #586
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        Here's the blatant difference. I don't consider Action Comics #586 a retcon, gave reasons why, and so use it. You know the Ka-Zar example is a retcon, I know it's a retcon, and you still use it. So you're just being a troll.
      I gave the same reasons for Ka Zar 11 too. In fact identical reasons.

    First, they are not identical reasons because the Ka-Zar trade is not titled Ka-Zar vs. Thanos. The story I cited is in a collection titled Superman vs. Darkseid, hence, the story is about Superman fighting Darkseid. Second, you don't believe in those reasons. That makes you a hypocrite.

Yes, they are. Titles are meaningless in this context.

If it was a Thanosi in Ka Zar TPB it was never mentioned or shown.

I'm agreed to state Darkseid was in Action 586 if you agree that it was real Thanos in Ka Zar 11. Deal?



        So you're saying that because I don't accept one single ambiguous retcon that you do, you don't accept ANY retcons. Hilarious.
      Any retcon which is negated by the story collected in a TPB as you did.

    That's not my criteria and you know it. That makes you a troll.

Yes, it is. Now you're changing it as title of TPB means something.

What about Thor vs Thanos TPB?




          So did Thanos. When Thanos was at normal power levels, Thor only had belt of strength and he flattened Thanos in three hits.
        No, Thor still has some of the armor Odin gave him, which as stated earlier, imbued Thor with some of the Odin-Force.
      Only the shield had the Odin force and it was shattered. Again you claimed it was a clean win for Thor against Thanos in a previous thread, not me.

And the shield had Odin power. Not the armor.

Are you sure?



    Thor was not losing. If he were, he could not have reached the stone in the first place. A powered-up Thor overcame an even more powered-up Thanos to remove his power-up. There is absolutely nothing unfair about that.

    First, Thor's belt of strength is part of his power set that he can resort to if he wants. Second, Thor was powered-up. Thanos was even more powered-up; that Thor destroyed Thanos power-up in the process of beating him does not make this an unclean victory in any way. Thanos was perfectly aware that Thor could destroy the Illumination Stone and even in his powered-up state, Thanos could not prevent Thor from doing so. That's a clean victory for Thor.

    First, I did not state it was a clean win for Thor. Second, you just completely made up that ONLY the shield had the Odin Force. Nothing in the comic states that. When Thor puts on everything, he states that he can feel the Odin Force from it and that it even increases Mjolnir's might. So in addition to Thor's doubled strength, some portion of the Odin Force is making Mjolnir more powerful when Thor strikes Thanos at the end of the battle.


Only the shield had Odin power. And you did state it was a clean win for Thor.


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