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          No, you're just talking about the attack that broke the alliance. The next page in WW #173 shows the energy drain tendrils that happen AFTER the Superman-Darkseid fight.
        Brainiac had already pierced "heart of apokolips" and when Superman returns to Apokolips in AOS 595 it was shown as well.
      For once in your life, stop misleading. It was Brainiac 13's attack on Apokolips that interrupted Superman and Darkseid's very fight, so it happens AFTER the fight.
    Are you sure about this? What is this then?

It's you trying to make something up to obfuscate.

    The tendril was attached to Lex Tower and Warworld.

What?! Your scan shows nothing of the sort. It shows Earth firing on Apokolips, which was Brainiac 13's attempt to make Darkseid think Earth betrayed him. You were completely wrong and now you're just making stuff up to save face except it only makes you look worse.

    And omega beams were expanded against Imperiex, not Superman.

Something you made up again. The thing is when you lie once, you have to keep lying to try to hide your previous lie and then more lies to hide that lie and suddenly we're surrounded by lies. Darkseid explicitly says Superman and Brainiac 13 are to blame. No mention of Imperiex.



        It makes no sense for a tether to drain Darkseid.
      Wrong. Let's see what the comic actually says. "Darkseid is folding his tent because he's weakened by the full expenditure of his omega effect (which was expended on and shrugged off by Superman by the way), and by Warworld's TENDRIL lashing of Apokolips." Game, set, match.
    That's not a tether. The tendril was established by Brainiac 13 in Superman 173.

There was no tendril in Superman #173. What you're mistaking for a tendril is LexCorp Towers blasting Apokolips.

    And Omega beams ruptured Imperiex's armor. That's where they were expanded to, not against Superman as you are suggesting. That's never shown or stated.
It's stated in the scan I posted above. "My power is not what it was. Superman and Brainiac 13 saw to that." NOT Imperiex. Darkseid exhausted his omegas against Superman and Brainiac 13's energy tendril did the rest - as per Darkseid himself.


      Your point is that Darkseid could have destroyed Warworld and sundipped Superman by himself. We will see why that's wrong in a moment, but we've already seen the omegas unable to take down normal Superman so what makes you think it'll take down sundipped Superman?
    But omega beams were weakened in that situation hence why Superman was able to take them.

I've already proven you wrong on this. Explicitly. With scans.


      If some tossed out statement is to be taken literally, then I guess Thor must be skyfather level too because he can resist the weight of 20 planets!
    Irrelevant. Superman can lift half of infinity in that situation.

 What does that even mean?

    It wasn't just a hyperbole as previously Aegis could easily oneshot the same tendrils and then it couldn't.
Yes, the tendrils got stronger, but by exactly how much, we don't know. Irons just said a hundred times as hyperbole like "I feel a hundred times stronger today." It's not like he got out a calculator and some measuring device and did a scientific experiment on the tendrils.

    Oh and Thor got put in a coma by a ship mast in the same issue.

Thor was never in a coma. Wrong again. You're like 0 for 100 in just this post. That's just hyperbole by the way. Try not to take it literally.


      What is very, very telling though is that you only show that one panel with Irons and omit the rest of that page. Hmm, what does the rest of that page show. Oh! LexCorp is using tech that "will send every other atom of Warworld five minutes into the future"! So it's not just Darkseid's attack that will destroy Warworld as you insinuated. I'm afraid I caught you trying to be misleading yet again by hiding the very evidence that contradicts your claims. Tsk tsk tsk.
    That was a different attack than Darkseid's omega beams attack.

    Tsk, Tsk.

Wrong yet again, and it comes with tsking. I mean seriously, in 15 years on these boards, I've never seen anyone dig themselves into a hole as deep as you and you just... keep... digging. Please stop. Seriously, it's okay to be wrong sometimes. So back to my point, this is just the same part of the story retold in a different issue. Look at the scan again at the left most bottom panel. There's Darkseid with Wonder Woman and Raven and he's just regained his power. He was never going to strike all by himself but in concert with Lex Luthor's device. So you're wrong.

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