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    That it did.  However IRRC Galactus was sated rather quickly after a world or two and any additional reserves were held in storage cells/tanks aboard his ship.
Can you provide and issue number of this?

    It was those storage supplies Korvac absorbed when Galactus was away from his ship that transformed him into the Enemy, making him the most dangerous entity in the universe.  He could absorb and add life energies from defeated adversaries to his own making him more powerful each time it occurred.
From what I read about Korvac is that he absorbed/took in the information/knowledge and energy from Galactus' ship. Even though Galactus can travel/fly warp/ time travel without using a ship he prefers to do so because it requires no energy from him. Galactus also prefers to use a converter machine because it is more efficient with energy absorption than he is.