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Subj: It's not breaking etiquette, it's just more difficult with DC
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Reply Subj: Expanded from BK Rays 'herald to skyfather' percentages thread ...
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Very interesting to see some of the answers from BKRays earlier thread. I hope i am not breaking some kind of 'Board etiquette' by doing this and if i am please tell me and ignore this post.

Anyways - wanted to expand on the 'if Odin is 100 what is....' with a DC spin:

DC Ares

Wonder Woman (pre52)

Superman (pre52)

Captain Marvel (Billy) (is there really a difference pre52 vs post? Besides some electical powers?)



Green Lantern Hal Jordan



Mister Mytzplk (sp?)

Crisis Anti-Monitor

Spectre (classic)


Mongul the senior

Mongul the junior

Their cosmic level beings are less defined.

As the DC 'herald' types tend to be flying bricks, they don't tend to have the cosmic versatility of Surfer, Thor etc.

They are absolute physical powerhouses and this lends to a significant advantage in a fight IMO.

Ganthet is all over the place, at times he's comparable to a Watcher at other times a GL could give him a good fight.

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