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Subj: Re: My impression of Cap's strength...
Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 at 02:18:55 pm EST (Viewed 209 times)
Reply Subj: My impression of Cap's strength...
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... is that he's typically around the 1000 lbs. mark, give or take a couple hundred pounds either way. I can't think of anything in terms of lifting feats that would put him anywhere near 5 tons level. And if there were such a showing, I think it'd be a huge outlier for him. I actually consider other strong humans like the Kingpin and the Ox to be stronger than Cap (you could argue that either one is unofficially superhuman in their own right, but I don't think either is 5 tons level).

As far as Max goes, I think you're probably right that she's not outright superhuman in strength. A 400 lbs. rating might be a little low, since I've seen her toss what was likely a 200+ lbs. man fully across a room and into a wall, but she's got nothing I can think of to put her clearly beyond Batman in strength. She is shown jumping out of third or fourth storey windows and landing fine, but that's a durability feat, and strength & durability don't always correlate.

Max's speed showings are quite impressive though, so I think she probably does surpass Buffy in that department. She runs short distances at super-speed, runs along walls, and in one scene, she was able to memorise the order of every card in a deck while flipping through them. I don't recall similar speed showings for Buffy, although it's been longer since I watched her series.

What sort of strength showings does Buffy have to put her at or near the 2 ton mark?

Yeah, I pretty much agree (except for the time when Cap was given superhuman strength...IIRC it was the early 80's)...I do think he had a few showings where he was able to pull down a helicopter or something and break chains...things I would usually ascribe to someone a little higher on the list, but I think those are outliers.

As to Buffy's feats, its more by implication than anything else. I heard she showed significantly higher feats in the comic immediately following the season (that was supposed to be canon) because JW wasn't constrained by budget and special effects...

But I do know Spike couldn't come close to lifting the big troll hammer, and Buffy lifted it effortlessly. She easily lifted things like steel I beams that construction workers couldn't, etc. She also bent prison bars to escape at least once, and had some rock wall breaking and shattering feats that seem impresssive.

The respect thread does an OK job:

The problem is she didn't show many feats....but the intent based on comments from Angel about her strength, her relative showing with the Troll hammer, etc. seems to be more significant. Its hard to quantify something like lifting the huge Iron Gate in season 3 that a large group couldn't budge, because in real it would probably be a ton or multi ton feat, but is the kind of thing Arnold S. barbarian type characters did in the 80's.

IIRC she also demolished most of a building during rough sex on one occasion, and while Glory was considerably stronger, Glory had some decent showings.

I also seem to recall an implication that Slayers got more powerful as they got older, which makes sense, as she certainly seems more powerful later on than in season 1.

All vampires are enhanced, but normal vampires can be fought by people, though some of that may be the mook effect...but elite Vamps were very scary, and the 'super soldiers' were already athletic and strong, and I'd probably put them above Batman in terms of strength when enhanced...but probably not to Cap level....

So, I think typically, if there were a crossover, I think most would write 'elite' vampires, especially the physical types as being a little stronger than Cap, but not overwhelmingly so...and more recently spawned and lesser vamps would be clearly weaker than Cap.

Buffy also had some good speed feats, but I think Max had significantly better reaction time etc...Buffy might be able to match her in a straight line sprint though...

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