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Subj: Re: JLA Movie Superman Taking on Thor Movie version!
Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 at 09:47:40 pm CST (Viewed 92 times)
Reply Subj: Re: JLA Movie Superman Taking on Thor Movie version!
Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 at 03:01:18 pm CST (Viewed 117 times)


      Superman tanked Doomsday's lightning attack which ripped apart buildings like nothing. Thor is not stunning him with lightning.

    Well, Thor took the explosion of an entire City in the second Avengers movie- as he was directly situated on ground zero when that happened. That energy output should've been far superior/destructive than the one Doomsday displayed in that DC movie. Yet, Thor was completely stunned by some insignificant Alien Technology device in the Ragnorak movie. You can't go by just huge energy didplays; or else Thor wouldn't have been stunned by such a pitiable device... Moreover, it took just one blow for the Hulk to go flying in the air as the direct result of Thor's fist charged with lightning. The Hulk was almost stunned and it wasn't Thor's strength in particular that did this. A DIRECT hit by Thor's lightning should be far more potent than any energy display that Doomsday displayed at that moment vs Superman. For the Hulk, or Thor (see the example above regarding the second Avengers movie) would've not been hurt by such display in the least. In other words, Thor's lightning is quite potent to say the least..

Thor wasn't at the center of the blast. Tony rigged the island which imploded on itself.

How about no, Thor's lightning isn't more powerful than Doomsday's lightning blasts which were powerful enough to overpower Superman's HV completely.

Hulk is a weakling compared to Superman in MCU as well.