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      That it did.  However IRRC Galactus was sated rather quickly after a world or two and any additional reserves were held in storage cells/tanks aboard his ship.Can you provide and issue number of this?


        In the Surfer Scans, Thanos prepares for battle against Thanos who is in possessio of the Infinity Gems.  He declares he is restored to his full might after
        absorbing the energies of a single world. 


          Let me know what you think here.


            It was those storage supplies Korvac absorbed when Galactus was away from his ship that transformed him into the Enemy, making him the most dangerous entity in the universe.  He could absorb and add life energies from defeated adversaries to his own making him more powerful each time it occurred.


            From what I read about Korvac is that he absorbed/took in the information/knowledge and energy from Galactus' ship. Even though Galactus can travel/fly warp/ time travel without using a ship he prefers to do so because it requires no energy from him. Galactus also prefers to use a converter machine because it is more efficient with energy absorption than he is.

          Yes it was a combo of the
          elements you stated.

        You have to understand Galactus' 6 main motivations.

        1.) Galactus is loath to destroy entire worlds because it weighs on his conscience.

        2.) Some worlds put up a resistance and he has to fight to take it which weighs on him from constant fighting.

        3.) Galactus prefers to find worlds that offer little to no resistance. (Less effort less guilt).

        Galactus, in the scan I posted here, strongly disagrees with your first three points.   

        4.) Galactus hates to waste energy. (he would rather use machines to do the work that he himself can do but it would require his personal energy. He would rather store residual energy in his machines than to let it go to waste.

        This was never in debate.  

        5.) Galactus would also rather retreat and find a easier world to consume than to waste energy/time on a world where it cost more energy to take than what he would gain from it. (If a world makes it hard for him to take he'll just leave to find a easier target.)

        Absolutely not.  My second scan shows what you state is completely FALSE.   

        6.) Galactus keeps emergency energy in his ships because sometimes it takes time to find a suitable world and he may not have that time needed to find it.   

        Again this wasn't debatable.  We are in agreement.  

        With all of this said Galactus is satisfied with just consuming 1 world which is the bare minimum for him, it keeps him alive long enough between feedings and his not constantly searching, fighting and feeling guilty.

        That wasn't what we disagreed about.  I stated one world is sufficient to bring Galactus back to peak power.  You stated he has no upper limit.  The more worlds he consumes, in succession, the more powerful he becomes.    

        Also my first scan shows, Galactus is beyond human emotion called guilt.  He has no remorse and therefore no restraint from using his full power immediately to take what he wants.     

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