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Subj: agreed on the TV side...early SG and the first few seasons of Arrow were exceptional
Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 at 01:46:39 pm EST (Viewed 329 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Why are Marvel movies doing so much better than those in DC...also shared tv universe stuff
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    My question is, why do you think Marvel movies are doing better, do you like them better?

Marvel isn't afraid to show humor while DC shies away from it.

Marvel isn't afraid to say the Super-Hero names more than once. DC is acting like it's too silly to say their Super-Hero names.

Marvel actually makes me feel like I'm watching a Super-Hero movie while DC does everything it can to make me, and the audience, feel like they "are not" watching a Super-Hero (they have actually admitted this). On that note, why bother DC?

Marvel isn't afraid to show bright colors without draining everything of color in their movies. DC loves to drain all the color out of their movies. Might as well start filming in black and white.

Marvel knows how Super-Heroes work, DC does not.

Marvel stays true to the original source material while having the freedom to do their own thing with their own take on the movies they make. DC, on the other hand, doesn't have the slightest clue on how to stay true to the original source material (MoS and Super Necksnapper is a perfect example of this). They think that dark and grim will work with every hero when it doesn't.

    How about the Arrowverse, and Agents of Shield...Preferences, thoughts, etc?

The TV shows, on the DC side, WERE SIGNIFICANTLY better than any of the movies with the exception of the Arrow (which started out great then turned to utter crap), Supergirl (great first season but turned to complete crap afterwards) and Legends (It started out ok, but it's utter crap now). That and other "stuff" they keep showing on practically every show they put on the air. I had hopes for Black Lightning only for it to turn into pretty much the same thing too. Now, the only DC show that is showing these days that isn't total crap is the Flash, but even it's barely average right now since nothing they do in the show ever makes any modicum of sense (especially if time travel is involved). So, I'd say that overall, the DC shows aren't any better than the movies right now. The Flash is barely better but not by much. But every single one of them used to be so much better...

The Marvel Netflix shows are too dark for the movies even though a majority of them have gotten rave reviews. Plus, they are way too shy to have movie references and easter eggs in those shows, despite claiming they exist in the same universe (which I refuse to believe until I see the show runners stop being lazy and SHOW US otherwise). I'll never understand why they are being so shy about it. They say they have to earn it, but that's a load of crap. It's ridiculous! And don't even get me started on the show runners taking bloody FOREVER before they show the hero of the TV show in their Super-Hero costume! Meh.

but aren't very good now...actually, I think Arrow is a little bit better than it was, but still not where it was early on.

I'm still enjoying Flash, though I think I get a little annoyed with a little too much focus in season long story arcs....I used to think that was preferable, but I think we've put too much focus on it....