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Subj: Re: Why are Marvel movies doing so much better than those in DC...also shared tv universe stuff
Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 at 02:29:30 pm EST (Viewed 243 times)
Reply Subj: Why are Marvel movies doing so much better than those in DC...also shared tv universe stuff
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So, the last several years have had MOS, B vs. S, Wonder Woman, and JLA...Does Suicide Squad count... for DC

The Marvel movies have been going strong for a decade....

My question is, why do you think Marvel movies are doing better, do you like them better?

How about the Arrowverse, and Agents of Shield...Preferences, thoughts, etc?

I will post my own thoughts shortly, but want to get some of your take so I don't taint your thought process.

I think DC has focused way too much in pushing Superman and Batman without developing and exposing their other heroes. How many movies have we seen between the two? Their movie market is over saturated with just two guys! Wonder Woman was long overdue and did well because the public was probably more than likely burned out on their two franchise heroes. Especially now that Batman vs. Superman and JLA flopped at the box office.

DC should have had an Aquaman/Flash movie before JLA was released or at the very least made JLA a two part-movie to properly develop and showcase Cyborg, Flash, and Aquaman's abilities. Now their importance to the team was destroyed by beefing up Superman's powers. Why? Superman has had several movies. Everyone knows who he is and what he can do and these guys have had none. They were shown to be absolutely worthless in terms of contributing something--anything to the team that Superman cannot. A two-part movie would have made the threat to Earth more epic and meaningful. Part One JLA taking on the minions of Darkseid without Superman and winning until Part Two, Darkseid is forced to personally deal with JLA, then Superman shows up to save the day. And no Darkseid appearance in the movie? Total disappointment to say the least. That's the ultimate insult to the movie and the fans. Everything seemed rushed and forced which is why a two-part movie would have made much more sense. Actually it would have been a trilogy beginning with Batman vs. Superman.

MOS vs. Superman was too dark, no humor to connection to anyone in the movie and many of the scenes didn't make sense at all. I remember that flash back scene in the movie where you're completely lost trying to figure out what's going on, did I miss something? Then once you figure it out, you think, was that really relevant in the movie? Battle scenes were mediocre at best. Batman is killing Superman with Kryptonite (Supes can't even stand in the presence of the green stuff) and the next moment Supes is delivering the killing blow to Doomsday with Kryptonite in hand. Really? Couldn't they have given a little shout-out to Wonder Woman and made her deliver the final blow given it was her debut and Supes can't function around Kryptonite? Why does DC push the glory of Supes at the expense of their other characters?

Marvel on the other hand clearly had a long term plan to develop more of their heroes by giving them their shot at the box office. How many movies are being released or been released with B-C type characters? Black Panther, Ant man and the Wasp, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr. Strange, etc, etc. DC should have debuted their B-C type characters long ago like Shazam, Nightwing, Matian Manhunter, or at least made brief appearances. Also Marvel executes a more balancing act by not showcasing one or two of their heroes at the expense of downplaying others in their team movies--THEY ARE A TEAM! In Avengers, Cap, Widow, Hawkeye, heck Shield Agent Coulson all had their moments to shine in the sun while Marvel made sure to inject some humor to stay connected to their audience!

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