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      You have to understand Galactus' 6 main motivations.

    1.) Galactus is loath to destroy entire worlds because it weighs on his conscience.

    2.) Some worlds put up a resistance and he has to fight to take it which weighs on him from constant fighting.

    3.) Galactus prefers to find worlds that offer little to no resistance. (Less effort less guilt).

    Galactus, in the scan I posted here, strongly disagrees with your first three points.

First of all what does the word "rather" mean? Look at your own scan (FF #243) when Galactus uses the last of his stored energy. He says his Deeds weigh upon me. Read the origin of Galactus it says that Galactus felt guilty about the very first world he consumed. Dr. Strange used this guilt against him by bringing up his past deeds to overwhelm his mind and shut him down. Oh believe me Galactus has guilt he just suppresses it. In fact he suppresses his herald's emotions as well. He purposely finds heralds who have no problem about killing entire worlds (Morg, Terrax, Star Dust) the pnly problem with that is that they are sometimes crazed maniacs who go after Galactus.

In the past the Surfer, and Terrax led Galactus to worlds that fought back and caused him grief. Galactus complained that both were leading him to hostile worlds on purpose (to destroy him I guess) Now I did say rather but Galactus will fight if he has to but he will weigh the cost of that fight. 


      5.) Galactus would also rather retreat and find a easier world to consume than to waste energy/time on a world where it cost more energy to take than what he would gain from it. (If a world makes it hard for him to take he'll just leave to find a easier target.)

    Absolutely not.  My second scan shows what you state is completely FALSE.
True, he does do it. When I say retreat I'm not saying that he runs with his tail between his legs but he will weigh the cost of the engagement. He did it when in a "What IF" story arc where he said to Phoenix after the battle that he could basically defeat her but eluded to the fact that it would cost more than what he would get. He retreated from an encounter with Tyrant stating that he would "basically face Tyrant when he is ready.  There are other numerous issues I don't have time to research.    


      With all of this said Galactus is satisfied with just consuming 1 world which is the bare minimum for him, it keeps him alive long enough between feedings and his not constantly searching, fighting and feeling guilty.

    That wasn't what we disagreed about.  I stated one world is sufficient to bring Galactus back to peak power.  You stated he has no upper limit.  The more worlds he consumes, in succession, the more powerful he becomes.

It works both ways. The less energy he gets he will  actually shrink in size and when he gets more the larger he becomes and he has no real limit. The problem is that consumable worlds are not easy to find so if 1 world will get him by then he'll do 1 world. 

    Also my first scan shows, Galactus is beyond human emotion called guilt.  He has no remorse and therefore no restraint from using his full power immediately to take what he wants.

And John Bryne shows him with emotions. Galactus suppresses his emotions (he was human/mortal a long time ago and he wasn't born as a Galactus or came into being as a abstract he has feelings he just hides them. Odin pulled them out of his head once before so they are there. A long time ago he resolved himself to justify what he does to survive.