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Subj: Re: As a baseline, I put Thor and Surfer both at 15, Loki at 12...but I may have been a little low on Loki
Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 at 09:41:46 pm CST (Viewed 67 times)
Reply Subj: Re: As a baseline, I put Thor and Surfer both at 15, Loki at 12...but I may have been a little low on Loki
Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 at 12:27:48 pm CST (Viewed 88 times)



      Superman was aware about Darkseid and still got almost killed.

    Superman is clearly "aware about" Orion here too and still got ko'd. Superman even dodges Orion's initial attack but then gets downed easily.

If by clearly you mean not at all, sure. This was the first meeting between Superman and New Gods, there is nothing to indicate he knew who Orion was.

I like how you discarded Superman's own statements because it throws a wrench in your theory.




      He overpowered Orion twice when he got serious and stomped Mantis who has overpowered Orion in past.

    I'm amused by how you use the vague word "overpowered" to try to make it mean more than it does. You do it all the time in which you point to one moment in one fight in which the character you're promoting is winning without taking what ultimately happens in the fight or the context of the fight into account.

No, I mean overpowered as just being overpowered.

Orion tried to bullrushing Superman who stopped him in his tracks with just HV and pushed him back with Orion helpless to do anything about it.

That's textbook overpowering.



        Now it doesn't count for Orion because Superman is young but somehow it counts for Darkseid! You repeatedly change your standards depending on whether you like the character. The catalogue of you doing this is almost endless.
      Superman was playing around with Orion and got stunned for a few panels.

    Oh, now it's Superman only got "stunned," but then you claim that stunning an opponent is a win for you. Every instance you pointed to of Darkseid beating Superman was far less persuasive than Orion clearly and cleanly beating Superman here.

        That does not shows Orion as being more powerful than Superman. Superman has outperformed Orion against Darkseid, Doomsday, White Martians, Superboy, Mantis, Brainiac and Infinity Man.

Yes, stunned because he wasn't taking the fight seriously. It's neither beating Superman much less beating him cleanly.

    My point wasn't that Orion is above Superman on average. I simply pointed out that what you said, that there were no examples, zero, of Orion being more powerful than Superman, was flat out wrong. Orion easily beating Superman here contradicts you.

There is no such thing as Orion beating Superman easily there. Superman underestimated Orion and was stunned. Later he overpowered Orion pretty easily when he wanted it.

Another dud from you. Who would've thought.

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