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Subj: Re: Dan Jurgen's take on Darkseid, Doomsday, and Superman
Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 at 11:27:02 am EST (Viewed 130 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Dan Jurgen's take on Darkseid, Doomsday, and Superman
Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 at 11:43:22 pm EST (Viewed 168 times)


      The Countdown bio was referring to Doomsday resurrection after the Death of Superman story, not Darkseid killing Doomsday which never happened! Your ability to misinterpret and mislead is jaw dropping.
    Was it now? Doomsday didn't resurrect in Hunter Prey.

The resurrection in Hunter/Prey IS from his death in the Death of Superman story!

    And it was showing the times Doomsday was killed. Hence Imperiex shown killing Doomsday.

No, it was showing the times Doomsday was resurrected.


      Posting some random scan that says nothing about entropy is supposed to prove your point? Amusing.
    Matter collapse and energy null attack? What do you think entropy means?

Entropy certainly doesn't mean "energy null" while "matter collapse" is entailed in almost any kind of energy attack on a being of matter, not something unique to "entropy" attacks.






              Yes, yes, we get it. You think Darkseid is more powerful than Odin and Galactus. You think Doomsday is more powerful than Odin and Galactus. You think everyone in DC is more powerful than Odin and Galactus. I mean you're on record for thinking Odin is a weakling, so we know where you stand.
            I accept your concession. No need to pout about it.
          You said earlier that H/P Doomsday would kill any skyfather. Let's see, who was able to fight H/P Doomsday at length, for a much longer duration than Darkseid? Oh, Superman. I guess you think Superman is more powerful than Odin and Galactus too.
        Superman was powered up by kryptonite X and further boosted by mother box. As revealed in Superman man of tomorrow 9.
      Oh, a mother box! I guess that makes Orion skyfather level too. As for all that stuff about Kryptonite X, Bizarro, and Eradicator, you went to a lot of work to prove nothing. Everyone knows Superman was powered-up after he came back from dying, and Superman merely references this in Hunter/Prey. However, that power-up is different from the one you're talking about when he loses control of his powers. That story is a completely different story from Hunter/Prey. You hope to conflate them to ridiculously claim that Superman is three or four times more powerful than normal when that wasn't even stated in the storyline when he lost control of his powers. That's truly hilarious especially since nowhere in Hunter/Prey is anything of the sort mentioned. Superman wasn't remotely unable to control his powers in Hunter/Prey. I seriously can't determine whether you're deliberately attempting to mislead people or you're delusional to the point of having a tenuous grasp on reality.
    Superman only lost the ability to control his powers just after Hunter Prey. He was able to control them till the conclusion of Bizarro arc and then became a hulk like creature and lost control.

And therefore THAT power-up is another story and does not occur in Hunter/Prey.

    It's straight up stated that Superman had extra power constantly until he lost control. That was before he encountered Bizarro.

BUT AFTER Hunter/Prey.


      You pretend like you don't know. Obviously Jurgens didn't retract it in the interview otherwise there would be nothing to retract. Jurgens retracted his Thor comments after the interview and the interview was subsequently edited to note that retraction. However the interviewer interpreted Jurgens at the time of the interview is irrelevant to Jurgens' retraction. In other words, I'm not cherry picking, but you very much are.
    So you are saying Jurgens had nothing to retract in the interview because there was nothing to contradict Superman being millions of times more powerful?

No. English really isn't you're language, is it?

    There is no editing to include retraction.

Wrong. There is an editor's note put into the interview afterward that states, "Since publishing of the interview, Dan Jurgens has further expanded on his answer, contradicting the transcript of the interview."

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