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Subj: Re: Thor in a close one. Multi-directional lightning neutralizes speed.
Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 at 02:07:06 am EST (Viewed 173 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Thor in a close one. Multi-directional lightning neutralizes speed.
Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 at 10:44:48 am EST (Viewed 216 times)


    LGDB: Well because Captain America actually has had his limits tested in the MCU. Just off the top of my head, that helicopter in Captain America: Civil War. And ostensibly yes, if a character's strength hasn't been tested, we can't know what their limits are. It wouldn't be anymore fair for you to say character X can't do something if you haven't seen them try and fail, than it would be for me to say character X can do something despite not having done something on that level. Luckily in the case of Thor in the MCU we've seen him do plenty of high level strength feats that indicate he's up there.

So has Thor been tested in the movies. He never looked that strong and majority of strength feats were given to Hulk.

Heck, he had to struggle to break his constraints tied on a chair.

    Yeah, Thor begins to dominate that fight when he used his lightning powers and combining physical strikes with energy attacks, but before that he still hit a fighting mad Hulk hard enough to send him across the battlefield and crashing through like a quarter of a mile of steel wall. It's about as hard as the Hulk has been hit in the MCU, and there wasn't anything special about that hammer. It was just a big hunk of metal so far as we know.

Weaker characters can toss stronger characters with use of a weapon. That's nothing new and Captain America does it multiple times in the movies.

Abomination hit Hulk far harder than that.

    There's nothing flat out about it. They look to be in the same strength department. At least as far as a fight is concerned, which is what matters here. I would concede that Hulk becomes stronger the angrier he gets, so eventually he'd become stronger than Thor, but that's just standard fare. And the same goes for Superman, in a fight, and Hulk whose anger was increasing would eventually become stronger than Superman.

Yes, there is. Hulk caught his two handed hammer attack and overpowered him completely.

It's as close as you can get in strength comparison.

There is no get angrier, get stronger factor shown for MCU Hulk.


    LGDB: Yeah, I was remind of this, but the circumstances were the Gamemaster's device shutting down his system, and an angry Hulk leaping half a mile in the air and punching him in the face without so much as being able to brace for it. We also don't know what degree that was Gamemaster's shock disc, i.e. how much the shock device might weaken the subject.

The same disk wasn't able to ko Loki. So it's not if it is some all powerful device able to ko everyone.

And Thor raised his hand to brace but was still koed.

    And no (nice try), it's not the no limit fallacy. It would be the no limit fallacy if I said that Thor's durability had no limit, because the limit hasn't been seen. I'm not saying that. I'm saying you don't know what the limit is, because you haven't seen it. There's a crucial difference there. Your argument requires that we have a strong sense of Thor's durability limit such that you can Superman's is superior. I think evidence is to the contrary.

You're saying essentially that. Superman has shown far better durability feats, hence he is superior.


    LGDB: One hell of a burn! Like this burn... I like how earlier you were saying that "Superman... took Doomsday's lightning blast like minor breeze" to suggest Thor's lightning would be effective but now in attempt to show how powerful Doomsday's lightning is you're saying it overpowered Superman. Bam! lol \:D

Yes, he took the lightning blast like a minor breeze. Later Doomsday focuses his blast and overpowered Superman who gets right back like nothing happened.

Where is that contradicting anything?

    And I'd say Thor's lightning among other things, took down something like a quarter of the Chitauri fleet. I think Superman feels it.



He short circuited their electronic system. Superman does not has any such vulnerability

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