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    So, the last several years have had MOS, B vs. S, Wonder Woman, and JLA...Does Suicide Squad count... for DC

Yes. The DC Expanded Universe (DCEU) is basically every live-action DC movie after THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

    My question is, why do you think Marvel movies are doing better, do you like them better?

Not all the Marvel movies are that good, but the DCEU movies are just far worse on the whole, and the best Marvel movies are far better. To give you perspective of where I’m coming from, here are my rankings of all MCU and DCEU movies:

1. The Avengers
2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
3. Iron Man
4. Thor
5. Avengers: Age of Ultron
6. Thor: Ragnarok
7. Thor: The Dark World
8. Guardians of the Galaxy
9. Captain America: Civil War
10. Ant-Man
11. Spider-Man: Homecoming
12. Wonder Woman
13. Doctor Strange
14. Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2
15. Captain America: The First Avenger
16. Iron Man Three
17. Iron Man 2
18. Justice League
19. Man of Steel
20. Suicide Squad
21. The Incredible Hulk
22. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I'd say 1-3 are great, 4-6 are very good, 7-13 are fine entertainments, 14-16 are mediocre, 17-19 are bad, 20-22 are godawful.

The explanation is that Zach Snyder is a horrible writer, director, and producer and he drove the DCEU into the ground. Notably, the most praised DCEU film is Wonder Woman, which Snyder did not work on. If you watch Snyder’s pre-DCEU films, it’s clear that the only thing he’s good at are flashy visuals. He can’t write worth a damn, his plots are juvenile, his characters are cardboard caricatures, and he embraces that 1990s comics aesthetic that somehow thinks grim and gritty is automatically cool. That aesthetic is particularly wrong for Superman.

Kevin Feige had a vision for the MCU and he executed it well, certainly not close to perfect, but well. The MCU movies were plotted out well in advance and patiently revealed and built up each character so that when they finally came together, it meant something. The MCU gave each major character their own movie, and Marvel could give each new character an extra push by tossing another character into their movie. Black Widow stars in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Falcon gets a cameo in Ant-Man, Iron Man plays a significant role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Hulk guest stars in Thor: Ragnarok, and so on.

The DCEU tried to rush everything into BvS and Justice League and did it extremely clumsily. You were never going to do justice to the um, Justice League by trying to develop Aquaman, Cyborg, and Flash all in one movie that also had to give significant screen time to Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, not to mention totally forgettable villain, Steppenwolf. And given all of DC’s many iconic villains, why pick a C-lister like Steppenwolf who nobody knows or cares about? Justice League is your Avengers. It’s time to lead big. Also, by making Superman look superior to the rest of the Justice League, in their debut movie nonetheless, diminishes the rest of them. The animated Justice League/Justice League Unlimited is infinitely better than the movie.

    How about the Arrowverse, and Agents of Shield...Preferences, thoughts, etc?

I have to say I don't care for any of either DC or Marvel tv series except for Daredevil and Jessica Jones. I have not checked out Runaways.

I break them down by letter grade (A to F) and then rank them in each category.

A - Captain America: The Winter Soldier
A - The Avengers
A - Iron Man
A - Guardians of the Galaxy
A - Captain America: Civil War

All of these movies were fantastic in my opinion. I can watch them again and again. It's really splitting hairs to pick a favorite but I would go with Winter Solider. Loved the political intrigue, the commentary on government surveillance and the back and forth between Cap and Widow.

B – Thor
B - Captain America: The First Avenger
B - Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2
B - Ant-Man
B - Spider-Man: Homecoming
B - Doctor Strange

Hmmm. I didn't intend for these to be mostly origin movies but it worked out that way. All solid, but not perfect or necessarily ones I would watch over and over.

C - Avengers: Age of Ultron
C - Thor: The Dark World
C - Iron Man 2
C - Wonder Woman
C - Iron Man 3

These movies all had issues but were still okay. Age of Ultron got the hatchet job in editing, Thor 2 had a terribly underdeveloped villain, Wonder Woman's act 3 and Gadot's feeble acting skills pushed it down the list and similarly the Mandarin thing and finale of Iron Man 3 made it a C at best.

D - The Incredible Hulk
D - Man of Steel
D - Thor: Ragnarok
D - Justice League

These movies just plain sucked. A task to watch and ones I would never revisit. Hulk is the best of the bunch but a flawed CGI fest. The less said about Man of Steel the better. A derivative, poorly scripted, poorly acted, poorly directed mess of a film that set the DCU down a path it cannot recover from. The fact that I put Thor 3 after it is a testament to how badly that movie was botched. Others may disagree but for me it is the worst Marvel movie by a wide margin. The humor was ill-placed, sophomoric and unfunny. The plot that remained once you stripped all the bad jokes away was just a rehash of the first Thor and the addition of the Hulk added nothing. Instead it took valuable screen time from Blanchett's engaging Hela who instead of being developed was given reams of exposition to spout at Skurge in order to establish who she was. Lazy film making at its finest. But still better than Justice League.

F - Suicide Squad
F - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

As bad as the Ds all were there has to be a special place for these two monstrosities. Not a single word of praise for either.

In terms of TV, I really enjoy the Daredevil series. Season 1 and the Kingpin in particular but season 2 was solid. Jessica Jones was pretty good too and I liked the Punisher. The remainder of the Netflix shows didn't do it for me.

The CW stuff from DC just isn't my cup of tea. I watched a couple episodes of Arrow and a few of Flash but I just don't care for the CW style. All of its shows follow the same campy villain of the week formula and they don't have any decent actors.

I haven't seen any of the other DC or Marvel shows except for the first half season of Shield which was a train wreck. So, overall the TV stuff has been a letdown except for a few of the Netflix series.

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