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      First, you're wrong about Surfer and Cyborg Superman. Second, stupid logic. Venom beat up and manhandled Superman and Spider-Man has beaten Venom so Spider-Man > Superman.
    How am I wrong about Surfer and Cyborg? Cyborg staggered Surfer, Surfer had to dodge his attacks and Surfer's blasts was easily tanked by Cyborg.

Because you're misrepresenting what happened as has been proved many times on this board.

    Superman vs Venom is an outlier just like Hulk losing to Spider-Man or Captain America or Surfer getting koed by a brick from Karnak.

DC vs. Marvel fight would be vetted by editorial far more than your usual comic, so no, this was an approved depiction by both companies. And you're fine using low showings when it suits you.


      Those are clean wins by Superman. If Darkseid can't prevent his own power from being used against him over and over and over again, that's an inherent weakness on Darkseid's part.
    No, it's not an inherent weakness anymore than Galactus losing to Reed Richards several times by turning his own machines on himself.

Reed doesn't overpower Galactus and beat him. He talks Galactus into leaving.

    I guess Galactus is beneath Reed Richards as well.

You're just not making sense now. Oh wait, you never were.


      Because you wrote, "interviews are irrelevant," and now you want to use interviews as evidence! That's being a hypocrite. You either accept it or you don't, but you can't have it both ways depending on whether the interview favors the character you favor or doesn't. It's just blatant, blatant hypocrisy from you here because if you go to the link above, that whole post is about you dismissing what Dan Jurgens says about Doomsday and Superman being equal and both being more powerful than Darkseid. And it ends with you calling interviews irrelevant. But here you are citing an interview.
    I said interviews are irrelevant if there is any comic which contradicts it.

That's not what you said. I already provided the link that gives the full context of our conversation.

    Here it contradicts nothing. Your entire logic is that interviews are fine as long as they suit you.

I stated from the start that I don't take interviews seriously except to clarify vague points and that I was playing devil's advocate at the point for anyone who does take interviews seriously.

    Once again, very amusing but entirely inconsequential as far as I'm concerned. You're dismissed.

You're funny when you're angry. If I'm so inconsequential, why did you respond to 8 of my posts today? I'm obviously very consequential unlike Darkseid's "victory" over Galactus! LOL!

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