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Subj: Re: JLA Movie Superman Taking on Thor Movie version!
Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 at 12:22:53 am EST (Viewed 169 times)
Reply Subj: Re: JLA Movie Superman Taking on Thor Movie version!
Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 at 10:38:49 pm EST (Viewed 124 times)



        So Friday says that the explosion would vaporize the city and everyone and then Stark says "OK, let's kill everyone" and creates a seal to do that?
      Vaporizing the city is Stark's end goal. It WOULD kill everyone (except Thor) in the process so they evacuate them first. Vision saves Scarlet Witch, Iron Man dodges the debris, and Thor is the only one remaining to both cause and take the explosion, which he does.
    Where is that suggested that it will kill everyone except Thor? I wasn't aware everyone means everyone excluding Thor.

The movie did far better than suggest vaporizing the city would kill everyone except Thor. It showed it. Thor destroyed the entire city which exploded around him and he survived.



        Are you sure you gave watched the movie? Because the heat seal was to secure everyone including Thor. That's what the dialog says straight up.
      The dialogue says no such thing. Who is the everyone that the heat seal is securing? No one's left on Sokovia except Thor and there's no seal around Thor. You're making a fool of yourself with your wild rationalizations.
    Yes, it does. Go watch it again.

I've already watched it again. You are wrong. Again who is the "everyone" that the heat seal is securing for you? EVERYONE BUT THOR is evacuated!




          Thor hit the vibranium, the vibrations from the vibranium went downward, hit Stark's heat shield and reverberated back up, and vaporized the city. But it was all Thor channeling the power to destroy the city.
        Never mind the dialog which says that if Thor hits the spire if will not do anything more than crack the spire.
      Friday is talking about the city/land mass cracking, but cracking it isn't enough. They have to vaporize it to minimize the devastation.
    And contain the vibrations so Thor does not gets killed.

The dialogue states no such thing. Here is the dialogue again that you yourself cited and it says nothing about protecting anyone, much less Thor.

FRIDAY: The anti-gravs are rigged to flip. Touch them, they'll go full reverse thrust. The city's not coming down slow.
STARK: Spire is vibranium. If I get Thor to hit it...
FRIDAY : It will crack. That's not enough. The impact would still be devastating.

Ultron has raised Sokovia into the sky in order for the anti-gravs to flip and go into full reverse thrust, sending the city back to Earth to destroy all human life. If Stark gets Thor to hit the spire, the CITY will crack but that's not enough because huge chunks will still rain down on Earth and still cause devastation.

STARK: Maybe if we can cap the other end. Keep the atomic action doubling back.
FRIDAY: That could vaporize the city & everyone on it...

If Stark blocks the power of Thor's strike on the other end (the bottom of the city because Thor is at the top), then the power from the strike will double back upward and vaporize the city. Before, Thor's strike would have just cracked the city and the power from the strike would dissipate outward after that. Stark creates a cap that reverberates that power back up, preventing that dispersion.

STARK : I got it. Create a heat seal. I could...I could supercharge the spire from below.
FRIDAY Running numbers
FRIDAY : A heat seal could work with enough power.
STARK: Thor, I got a plan.

The heat seal IS the cap Stark creates to double the power back up and vaporize the city. It is not to protect people, which is precisely why the Avengers and SHIELD evacuated everyone first! There is nothing here about protecting people.

How to make an entrance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfMiOlIUGQw
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