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Subj: Re: other issues that imply DS is not significantly above 'top tiers'.
Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 at 07:17:14 am EST (Viewed 99 times)
Reply Subj: Re: other issues that imply DS is not significantly above 'top tiers'.
Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 at 11:38:04 pm EST (Viewed 118 times)


      Only for Hunger Dogs, not for New Gods, Vol. 2.
    And related issues of new gods v2 which was mostly a reprint and only one issue had a story leading to Hunger Dogs.

You're undermining yourself even more. Reprints of something canon with an added story continuing off of something canon is canon.




          Thor hurt Superman worse than Darkseid did in most of your examples of Darkseid "beating" Superman, but of course your standard of victory changes based on which character you favor.
        Thor doesn't causes a scratch on Superman despite repeated attacks. A simple blast from Darkseid in countdown had Superman bleeding from eyes, ears and nose.
      The first time Thor hit Superman, Superman was lying prone on his back and he struggled to recover. Superman said that Thor was a tougher opponent than Darkseid, whom Superman has beaten three times in scans right in this thread. As for the omegas on Superman, there's this:
    Superman was back within a moment to punch Thor, knocked his lights out unlike Darkseid.

Superman came back and simultaneously punched Thor with Martian Manhunter's help and Thor still took it better than Superman did when Thor struck him with Mjolnir alone.

    Busiek straight up said Superman's comments was a hyperbole like "best food ever" and by what Thor says, Superman is the strongest being in nine realms as well.

Quoting interviews again when you said "interviews are irrelevant." You're being a hypocrite again.




      "Anything else you want to throw at me?"

    Weakened Darkseid. Superman ran away from omega beams at full power in the same arc.

You're responding to my quoting Superman? Funny! And again, much of this thread has been spent proving you wrong. Darkseid was only weakened AFTER Darkseid expended his omegas on Superman in this fight. You even cited Darkseid using them on Grayven AFTER this fight as Darkseid not being weakened.

    So much for Superman taking omega beams, eh?

Superman simply blocked them in your example. Doesn't mean anything.

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