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Subj: Re: other issues that imply DS is not significantly above 'top tiers'.
Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 at 09:32:36 am EST (Viewed 176 times)
Reply Subj: Re: other issues that imply DS is not significantly above 'top tiers'.
Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 at 11:46:36 pm EST (Viewed 166 times)


      You're undermining yourself even more. Reprints of something canon with an added story continuing off of something canon is canon.
    Issue 6 wasn't a reprint. If was a standalone issue which lead into hunger dogs. Both are out of continuity.

Only by your assertion with no proof.


      Superman came back and simultaneously punched Thor with Martian Manhunter's help and Thor still took it better than Superman did when Thor struck him with Mjolnir alone.
    And yet, Superman knocked Thor's lights out. Yes, Superman holds back a lot against small gods like Thor initially.

A "small god" whom Superman said was one of his toughest opponents ever, a "small god" who knocked Superman prone with one blow with Superman struggling to regain his senses, a "small god" who beat up Doomsday in that same crossover, and a "small god" whose hammer Superman briefly held resulted in Superman marveling that it was more powerful than himself. Yes, that "small god."


      Quoting interviews again when you said "interviews are irrelevant." You're being a hypocrite again.
    Not interview. His posts which you're so eager to quote in case of Jurgens.

Interviews, posts, same thing. It's the author responding to other people. Doesn't remove your hypocrisy of selectively using them when you think it helps your argument and dismissing them as ineligible when they go against your argument.


      You're responding to my quoting Superman? Funny! And again, much of this thread has been spent proving you wrong. Darkseid was only weakened AFTER Darkseid expended his omegas on Superman in this fight. You even cited Darkseid using them on Grayven AFTER this fight as Darkseid not being weakened.
    Darkseid had been weakened since he used most of his omega beams on Imperiex.

Something I've already proven you wrong about over and over and which you already admitted you were wrong about in this thread.

    You really don't like Darkseid, do you?

I like Darkseid. I just don't vastly overrate Darkseid like you do. On average, Darkseid is a mid-level teambuster and currently a high-level teambuster in New 52. I've argued against characters I like many times on this board. I don't go around demeaning and calling characters names like you do to Thor and Odin, which shows off you blatant bias.

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