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Subj: Yeah, in the Marvel RPG...
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Reply Subj: Wonder Man has rarely shown a speed advantage over anyone...though he did early on...
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and its highlighted about as often as Thor gets a speed I'm not sure of any advantage either way.

As to durability, Thor is overall substantially more durable IMO. That said, Wondy has pretty substantially higher 'hard' durability. As I've described before, its a lot like materials hardness vs. strength. Exceed Wonder Man's hard durability, and he goes down a lot more easily than other words, something hard and relatively brittle. Hit Thor at a lower level and he 'dents' or 'deforms' showing damage, but overall can take a lot of damage before reaching breakage.

The old RPG Mutants and Masterminds modeled this with different powers...Invulnerability vs. Toughness. Toughness gave you a bonus to save vs. damage, while invulnerability ignored damage lower than its level, and gave a bonus to save for damage above. In those terms, I'd give Wonder Man something like Invulnerability +10 and Thor Toughness +15

Wonder Man had a body armour of Amazing (50) which absorbed that amount of damage. He had Monstrous (75) Endurance which is his ability to handle attacks which hurt him and he now has a Health of 225, which when reduced to 0, calls on his Endurance to prevent from dying.

Thor, on the other hand has natural body armour of Excellent (20). His Endurance is Unearthly (100) and he now has health of 340.

So going by these statistics, Wonder Man could safely ignore punches from Luke Cage, Loki and classic Rogue with no ill effect, whilst Thor could completely ignore punches from Captain America and the Kingpin. In theory, Kraven, Tigra or The Beast could beat Thor to death if they hand long enough and Thor didn't defend himself.

Thing with his Monstrous (75) damage would hurt Thor more - hitting each time for 55 points of damage, but doing 25 points of damage to Wonder Man, so Thor's greater health would diminish more quickly. Although his Endurance would allow him better success against getting ko'd or dying (but he would be doing more rolls than Wonder Man).

An enraged Hulk on the other hand, with say Shift X damage (150), would badly hurt either Wonder Man (100 points of his 225 pool) or 130 points to Thor's 340 pool. Whilst both would be overwhealmed by 3 punches (based on game mechanics and ignoring evading (which Thor would be better at or Karma -which Thor has more of). Thor's Endurance would allow to stay on his feet longer. It should also be noted that Thor's armour provides Incredible (40) armour, making the advantage Simon has more negligible).

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