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    Yeah, I specifically remember he had it taken away before Killgrave.

    I am sure I recall a specic reference that only the king could have the herb.

    I do agree that he was Black Panther before, which would suggest that he may have taken the herb. I'd have to watch it again to be sure, but I am pretty sure the herb was only for kings.

    I can't imagine that anything clarifying it will be brought up in future films, although if he was to perform a LOT higher than Winter Soldier in any more films, then it would suggest he hadn't ingested it before.


Agreed that would help. Though if we can confirm that he has the herb taken away BEFORE becoming king then that would also be pretty strong evidence he got it when assuming the BP mantle.

Yeah, that would settle it too (also BP had the armour upgraded, so he would have to out-stat Winter Soldier rather than just beating him).

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