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Subj: See? Now you've done it I'm staying!!! Jokingly
Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 at 04:22:27 pm EST (Viewed 263 times)
Reply Subj: You’re leaving because you have no argument
Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 at 09:01:35 am EST (Viewed 258 times)

    You were rude to me first, issued a challenge, and now you’re trying to manipulate and say we’re all friends here. To save face rather than owning up, you pour your efforts into researching Heroes Reborn and try to construct a philosophical argument of why you weren’t wrong, a very stubborn argument that hides behind generalities and ambiguity but you don’t tackle my pinpointed questions. You’re not reasonable and your continued attempts to debate just show how important being seen as right instead of owning up to you is.

Issuing a challenge is considered rude on here? They need to update the board post ethics because I was honestly unaware of this....my apologies.

Although personally I didn't perceive it as a challenge. I was working with you to find your source remember? Per my quote below to you--

"UMmmmm....what's hoarding all of your google search results and images is probably my reference, Loki turning Thor into a frog. Like yourself, I goggled Thor being turned into a frog and the only reference is Loki as the source. Is there anyone out there to validate/confirm Hammertime's proclamation Thor was turned into a frog other than by Loki?"

But you became frustrated and sarcastic when you couldn't find the source on your own--

"It’s all over for me now, you got me here. I don’t have the evidence you require. I admit I lied about the whole thing, and somebody else just happened to remember the same thing in precise detail but we’re both wrong. You win."

To which I replied:

"Huh? It's not about winning or losing. It's not that I didn't believe you, I just wanted to see and read it for myself to find out the circumstances surrounding what happened was all. It's not a competition on here my friend. I'm here to find out and learn things I don't know or didn't read for myself which was why I asked if anyone else could provide a reference.

Trust me, I've been wrong before and will inevitably be wrong again in the future. But in the end it's all about everyone having a good rapport on here and being friends."

Afterwards you made a new post to the forum asking for the source. Would-Be-Watcher responded and found it for both of us. BTW Thanks Watcher most appreciated!

You thanked Watcher and responded to him:

Awesome, thanks! I can’t believe it was that long ago...

And to Visitor who issued this challenge, you just got served, boiiiiiiiii visitation rights are over."

I had already addressed it wasn't a challenge to you above. I even asked the forum for help prior to your post asking for assistance.

Even BK Ray thought your response was inappropriate and wrote--

"Challenge? And how does Visitor issuing some kind of challenge, where you have been provided an answer means he had been owned? Honestly curious."

You took things personal from the start and I don't know why. You were right a Celestial turned Thor into a frog. I stated the Heroes Reborn Saga event was cannon and a Celestial has the power to turn Thor into a frog. The only point I didn't agree on was the events occurring in an alternate universe being 616 continuity.

That was it. I provided a link to support my case here but the entire link didn't copy over so I'll copy and paste a part of the info to you.

Please read the last paragraph in particular:


Upon the heroes return to Earth-616, the Avengers would re-establish themselves on that Earth[46], as the group had been disbanded since the Onslaught incident. Of the Avengers who were shunted to Counter-Earth, Captain America, Iron Man, Vision, and the Scarlet Witch remained part of the active roster with everyone else going on reserve status[47]. Upon their return form Counter-Earth, Iron Man was be restored as an adult, retaining memories of his Earth-616, Earth-96020, and Counter-Earth counterparts[48]. The Wasp was also be restored to her human form, retaining her original powers prior to her mutation previous to the Onslaught incident[46]. Any enhancement that Falcon received from his exposure to the Counter-Earth variant of the Super-Soldier serum appear to have also been reversed.

On Counter-Earth, the Avengers left behind a legacy and bring new champions to defend that world from continuing chaos. Rebel O'Reilly obtained a suit of Iron Man's Promethian Armor and join a rebellion against Master Man's dominance of the west coast[49]. Stark's Iron Man technology was also be co-opted by SHIELD and used for their Iron Men army[50].

Swordsman contracted cancer and went insane and becoming the masked mercenary Deadpool. However before his descent into madness he encouraged Henry Pym's former janitor Ernest Sanger to start a group of heroes to replace those lost. They become the Remnants, Ernest wore Pym's Ant-Man armor, calling himself Mant. They failed to stopping Deadpool from unleashing a nuclear explosion that tore a hole in the fabric of time and space[51].

Carrying on the Avenger's legacy best was Captain America's former partner Bucky, who formed a group of young super-powered heroes together to become the Young Allies[52].

Lastly, following the events of M-Day, Onslaught would be reborn and seek to terrorize Franklin Richards anew. In order to escape Onslaught, Franklin would create another pocket dimension that would be an exact duplicate of Counter-Earth prior to the heroes departure. On this world, Franklin would create another team of Avengers based on the ones formed on Counter Earth[53].

I hope we can still remain friends on here. And I do appreciate you enlightening me on the event.

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