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I'll use the Phoenix from Uncanny X-Men #105-#134 except she won't be holding back in these fights.

Round 1:
Phoenix (Jean) beats Superman
Thor beats Wonder Woman
Hulk beats Captain Marvel (Carol)
Quasar (Wendell) beats Invisible Woman
Iron Man beats She-Hulk
Scarlet Witch beats Spiderman
Storm beats Wolverine

Round 2:
Phoenix (Jean) beats Thor and Iron Man but is hurting badly
Hulk beats Scarlet Witch
Quasar (Wendell) beats Storm

Round 3:
Hulk and Quasar beat Phoenix (Jean)

The women could have had a far stronger field though had Power Girl or Her/Kismet/Ayesha or Sersi been included.

That's not entirely fair. If you're going to allow Phoenix to not hold back then you have to have Thor and Superman not hold back either.

That would mean that Invisible Woman, Scarlet Witch, Storm and probably She Hulk are knocked out or dead in a few seconds - while the other one (Thor or Superman)along with Quasar engages the Phoenix.

Ironman - Hulk - Spider-Man - Wolverine beat WW and CM