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Subj: Re: Here it is Battle of the Sexes: Part 2
Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 at 06:19:40 pm EST (Viewed 198 times)
Reply Subj: Here it is Battle of the Sexes: Part 2
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    Quasar vs. Captain Marvel - These two match-up well I think. Captain Marvel possesses super strength, flight, superhuman speed/durability/ reflexes/agility along with photon and stellar light energy blasts. She also has energy absorption and regenerative healing ability in her arsenal. Wendell wields the Quantum bands that enables him to tap into an unlimited energy reserve (Quantom Zone). Without getting into much detail about his capabilities, Quasar's attributes are on the same level as Carol. I equate some of his abilities to Green Lantern but the big difference is he can siphon energy from just about any energy source and turn it against his opponent giving him the win over Captain Marvel.
    Win - Quasar

Actually, Carol is a big energy absorber as well, such that if she absorbs enough of Quasar's energy output, Carol goes Binary, which is a league above her normal self. I'd say this fight is at least 50/50 and today's Carol, getting the push she's had, would win more often than not.

    Surfer vs. Phoenix - This is a tough fight here. The only reason I chose Norrin to fight her over everyone else is because he's the best match-up against her. We all know how versatile a weapon the power cosmic is and there's no other female on the Gals list who can challenge Norrin IMHO (also Phoenix is truly at home in the cosmos). Jean took down Firelord another herald decisively without too much effort when he was single-handedly taking out the entire team of the X-men. Surfer is in trouble.
    Win - Jean


    Wonderwoman vs. Thor - I wanted to go with a different match-up for these two but they are a match made in heaven--God vs. Goddess, Prince vs. Princess, warrior vs. warrior. WW is non-arguably physically the top-tier female in both the Marvel and DC universe. She has gone toe-to-toe against Superman, can take an enormous amount of punishment, possesses flight, is trained as a skilled warrior, carries an unbreakable magic lasso, enhanced speed and reflexes, and bracelets that are used for both offensive and defensive capabilities. Thor on the other hand at the very least matches all of Diana's physical attributes and he's been a skilled warrior far longer fighting galactic/cosmic threats around the universe. While Diana won't go down easily Thor using a combo of Mjolnir's various powers (he also has the advantage of striking her from a further distance than she can) combined with the powers of the storm are too much for her to overcome in the end.
    Win - Thor


    Hulk vs. Moondragon - Hear me out here. Most on this forum will probably not be fond of me after what I write here, but what else is new? That's probably already the case so what do I have to lose? \:\) Believe it or not, this is a better match-up than it appears on paper. But for some of you will be difficult to sell. Out of the remaining Gals Polygamist originally introduced in this battle of the sexes, none of them has a chance against the Hulk after Jean and perhaps WW but they are both occupied at the moment against elite opponents of their own. Then I thought, is there another female out there in the MU who could be a true threat to the green giant? Enter Moondragon--while Heather doesn't possess the physical tools to slow the Hulk down, those aren't her bread and butter to begin with. Very few have the strength/stamina/durability to stand up to the Hulk but many have succeed in mentally taking control of his mind. In the past Moondragon has exhibited tremendous telepathic abilities. She once seized mental control of an entire alien world while concurrently telepathically controlling Thor to do her bidding. Hulk has no telepathic shields to guard his mind and if Moondragon strikes, especially if Hulk is in a calm state, she instantly gains control over him and can use him against the Guys. Anna is someone I hope you don't sell short here. She's capable of taking down any one of the Guys one-on-one.
    Win - Moondragon

Agreed. Hulk does have some level of psi resistance depending on which incarnation we're talking about, but Jean Grey in her Marvel Girl days was even able to put the Hulk down with psi so Moondragon should be able to against most versions of Hulk as well. And even if she couldn't, she could probably mentally calm him down enough that he turns into Banner, and then her vast martial arts skills ko's him right away.

    Iron Man vs. She-Hulk- Now things start to get interesting in trying to pair the remaining contestants off into competitive matches. Iron Man is a real problem here and only Jennifer (of the remaining Gals) has a legitimate chance to answer the call. Yes I'm well aware of Stark's super genius, the wide array of weapons (long range ones at that) at his disposal. But something tells me She-Hulk's immense super-human durability/healing factor can handle a lot of what is dished out. But in the end I just can't see it happening. Stark is too smart and Jennifer has too many limitations.
    Win - Iron Man


    Superman vs. Rogue (my wildcard) - The only question we must ask each other is this: Can Rogue absorb Clark's powers like Parasite can? If Anna can, and I don't really see why she would be unable to--she will attain all of Clark's powers and abilities. Considering these two have never met before and Clark's propensity for not wanting to engage against the opposite sex, I envision Rogue taking full advantage of the opportunity. After she's drained Clark, if she's smart (and she is, like in her Avengers debut) is to go after another big-gun on the Guys team to absorb either Thor or Hulk powers. Rogue is my wildcard and really helps tilts the favor for the Gals because she matches up well against Thor, Supes, or Hulk.
    Win - Rogue

If Superman is unaware of Rogue's powers, he's going to lose. If he is aware, then he'd use super speed to avoid her and blitz her for the win. Normally, Superman wouldn't resort to super speed, but it makes sense here.

    Storm vs. Spiderman, Wolverine, or Thing.
    Ororo - Wins

Against any one of them, Storm wins. Against all of them, she loses.

    Scarlet Witch vs. Spiderman
    Parker -Wins

This depends on how far apart they start. If Spider-Man can reach Wanda right away, he wins, but otherwise, I see her winning. She's a good deal tougher than she was 20-30 years ago with magic being a much bigger aspect of her powers now.

    Invisible Woman vs. Spiderman/Wolvie- Can go either way. But I don't see how Parker can break Sue's defensive force-fields before she envelops him in one of her own. Against Logan, Sue should be able to use various techniques to stop Logan. Use an invisible platform to raise him to a great height and then let him fall, cut off his oxygen supply, etc.

Sue can beat both at the same time easily. She just puts them in a force field and they're trapped. Sue's fought Wolverine and beat him easily by putting force fields in his lungs and turning his eyes invisible.

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