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Subj: Re: Did Ultimate Thor ever win any real battles?
Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 at 09:40:12 pm EST (Viewed 60 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Did Ultimate Thor ever win any real battles?
Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 at 03:43:49 pm EST (Viewed 131 times)

    to be fair, for 99% of his tenure as a character he had his Godhood removed, and had to resort to tech supplied powers. He technically destroyed asgard in the first place, leaving Loki the sole God left

Even with his god powers he didn't do anything that impressive. He still existed to get his butt kicked.

And I always thought Odin dying is what destroyed Asgard. Odin made it quite clear Asgard only existed so long as he did. The Norn Stones and Mjolnir were ways to save bits of its power in the hopes Asgard could be reborn. Odin said that without him Asgard would simply cease to exist.

    the very point of his fight with Loki was to bring the Gods back, since Loki Reality Warp happened because he was the only God that had survived Ragnarok with his powers intact.

I never got the impression Loki was more powerful due to being the only god especially since Hitch's story came long after Millar's. To me, Millar simply wrote himself into a corner.

    considering the power of Asgard was split between all Asgardians, with the lion share being in Odin, the Norn Stones and the true Mjolnir, Havin Loki being the only God alive, with the Norn Stones, mjolnir destroyed with Asgard and Odin dead, that would would have given him the full power. Bringing the Gods back would have weakened him, as it did.

I don't see a real indication of that. Odin is the lifeforce of Asgard and he can input parts of that in objects. I don't see anything that says a remaining god besides him would inherit all of the power.

    even when Ult Thor regained his Godhood, he didn't do anything with it; he was immediately re-depowered soon after when the gods were destroyed again by Reed/Maker, and Tony had to give him back the Tech powers.


    He did land a solid blow on Galactus though, even if he was still at the time just a mortal in a Suit.

Isn't there some physics equation about and object gaining mass the faster it goes? While this is one of his more impressive feats I don't consider it up there.

    and he did beat Hyperion and Zarda together in the rematch, but it was in the middle of a team assault, so still a caveat win.

Wasn't Hyperion weakened by some mold or bacteria at the type specifically designed to kill him? Another caveat.

Also, Hyperion had earlier beat Ultimate Thor with his own hammer. Thor's battles with Hyperion are nothing to brag about.


    Even his tech hammer though had some ineffable abilities, like the time he teleported a Planetbusting bomb to Nostrond, which i felt was one of his coolest moments

Ultimate Thor did have a few moments. Only they were few and far between and also outside of battle.

    so he did have good moments, only he didn't have good enough ones for what he was SUPPOSED to be. i liked the angle they went for with his personality at the start, a bit Sentry like in him being supposedly a possible loon that just believed himself a god, but done really well. The lack of trust in him of all the world around him, Loki twisting reality to fuck with him, and him being able to wade through it and show them that he really was something special, something more than a loon in a suit, i felt was the best the Ultimate universe ever offered us...

From a battle/feat perspective when you have to constantly talk about up and give him power upgrades you know the writers are trying to convince the readers Ultimate Thor is something that he is not.

I admit the intitial premise of Ultimate Thor was interesting. Yet barely anything was done with it. He only had a few appearences and I think a lot more could have been done with it such as trying to contrast the warrior image of Thor vs the pacifistic one we got. Past battle with Loki. The idea that Thor really was a higher being who took human form to help mankind, etc.

Instead, we got a confused hippie overcompensating with a giant hammer who did not come across as the Thor of legend and relied too much on daddy. Loki started out grossly overpowered only to suddenly weaken because Millar wrote himself into a corner. Loki's fear of Odin along with Thor talking to Volstagg implied the other gods were still around. Thor's whole backstory was written later and an attempt by Hickman to fill in the plot holes.

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