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Subj: Okay, here's how we're proceed from here.
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Reply Subj: 2020 Grandmaster Tournament: So here are the finished teams so far!
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These are the teams thus far.  You're all official and locked in.  Let me know if there are any discrepancies.  I'll update this list as the rest of you finalize your teams.  

Of those already finalized, who would like to run a second team?

---the late great Donald Blake

1. Shuruku Demon

Characters (40/40 points spent):

Dr. Strange - 23
Iron Man - 12
Mr. Fantastic - 3
Jane Foster - 1
Wong - 1

Items (50/50 + 11 bonus points spent):

Mjolnir - 15
Helmet of Fate - 14
Gauntlets of Ares - 10
Soulsword - 8
Cyber's Adamantium Skin and Claws - 7
Starman's Cosmic Staff - 7

V.A.P. (20/20 points spent):

Superman Robot (Earth-One) - 20

2.) Thurisaz


•    Bloodstone.
•    Eye of Agamotto.
•    Cloak of Levitation.

•    Blue Lantern Ring.

•    Midnighter Implants.
•    Green Lantern Ring.

•    Mother Box.
•    Engineer Machinery.


Thanos Chair.
Peregrine Falcon
Peregrine Falcon

Psychometric Expertise (GL Ring) - 4
1 month of Training - 3
Detailed Opponent Knowledge - 5
Detailed Field Knowledge - 2
1 week of Sanctum Prep - 6
3 Days of Field Prep - 4


Majestic (WS): 23pts
Madison Jeffries (MU):12pts
Arno Stark (MU): 3pts
Kristoff Vernard (MU): 1pt
Dexter (IDW): 1pt

Arno: (IM Armor Model 29  11pts + Protector's Nega Bands 10pts) 
Dexter: (RRORaggador 14pts + Trident of Poseidon 9pts)
Kristoff: (Endo Sym Armor 13pts + Waterbearer Hand 12pts)

Sentinel MKII: (13pts)
Skeets (7pts)

3 Days in high tech lab: (3pts)
Pym Particles: (3pts)
PA-Team Player for Dexter: (2pts)
P.C.Course for Dexter: (2pts)
Field Prep: (1pt)

4. LGU

Immortal Hulk - 23

The Darkness - 12
*-Megingjord (Thor’s Belt of Strength) 6pts
*-Lady Deathstrike’s Hands / claws - 4 pts
**-one clip of adamantium ammo (8 rounds: nothing over a .50 pistol or 7.62 rifle) 3pts

Obsidian - 12
*-Cloak of Invisibility 3 pts

Angel (Buffy-verse) - 3
*-the Sword of Might 10 pts
*-Mandarin's Rings 9 pts
*-Gem of Amara 4 pts

Riddick (Vin Diesel character) - 1
*-the Amulet of Right 10 pts
**-Midnighter's mental fight implants 7pts
*-War path’s Vibranium Knives 3pts
*-Wonder Woman's Tiara 1pt


-O.M.A.C. Drone 14 pts
-Lawmaster 4 pts
-Life Model Decoy [constructed to look like one of your characters] - 2 pts

-Shadow Ops -Your team cannot be detected, perceived, or affected by the indigenous population of the battlefield environment. - 5 pts

-Metaphysical Anchor makes ONE character immune to BFR - 4 pts
*****I'll be giving this one to the Immortal Hulk

-Psychometric Expertise- - your character’s skill with an item is automatically increased to the level of that item’s most skilled previous owner or user. 4 pts
*****I'll be giving this one to Angel for use with the Mandarin's Rings, making him as skilled as the Mandarin himself with their use

-3 days on field prep - 4 pts

-One month for training- 3pts

-List of names of opponents and all their equipment - 2pts

-Personality Augmentation - change the personality of ONE of your characters in a specific way e.g. make them okay with killing, make them a team player, make them prone to protect civilians, etc 2 pts
*****Given to Obsidian - make him evil / mentally imbalanced as he was following the corrupting influence of Ian Karkull

5. Incriptus

Adamantium Association 

Alkhema 17 pts
SpeedFreek 12 pts
+ DBZ scounter 1pts (bonus points)
Cyber 6 pts (bonus points)
+Hawkman's wings and Nth Metal Belt and Boots 4 pts (bonus points)
Sabretooth 3 pts
+Wolverine's Skeleton and claws 6 pts
+Nemean Lion Skin 5 pts
Doc Ock 3 pts
+Contrictor's Coils 4 pts
Lady Deathstrike 3 pts
+Doc Ock's Adamantium Arms 6 pts
Bullseye 1 pt
+Yellow Lantern Ring 14 pts
Hammerhead 1 pt
+Gem of Cytorakk 15 pts

Dex Starr 20 pts

Metaphysical bubble: 7 pts
Mass-Hypnosis: "Fantastic Family Bond" 7 pts (4 bonus)

"Fantastic Family Bond" - The team has a personality change that makes them treat each other as if they're a family, in the mold of the fantastic four. 

6. Dark Marvel  

The Dark Path Chosen

Ult. Quicksilver-6 X-23 claws-4
The Maker(Ult. Reed Richards)-6- Father Box-8
Captain Hydra-3 Ikon Suit-11
Red Hood-1 Red Lantern Ring-14
Ozymandias-1 - Nova Prime Suit -13

Omac Drone-14 pts
B2 Battle Droid-2

5 pts - Detailed Knowledge
4pts -  Pyschometric Expertise
1pt - 6 hours of high tech lab prep.

7) BK Ray

Flash: Jay Garrick (17)
Atom Smasher (12)
Stargirl (6)
Mister Terrific (with T-Spheres) II (3)
Dr Mid-Nite II (1)
Pat Dugan (1)

Points 40/40


Dr Mid-nite II
+Starheart Ring

Pat Dugan
+Super-soldier Serum

+Super-soldier Serum

Atom Smasher
+Super-soldier Serum

Mister Terrific II
+Orb of Ra

Pat Dugan
+Lex Luthor's Warsuit

+Brainiac 5's force field belt


Superman Robot (20)
Extra (10 points)
1 week lab prep (6 points)
Psychometric Expertise (4 points) -
Dr Midnite to Starheart Ring
Shadow-Ops (5 points)
Radio-Telepathy (2 points)
Detailed Knowledge of opponents (5 points)
1 month training (no trainer) (3 points)
Detailed Knowledge of battlefield (2 points)

8) Joe Fixit

Crystal: Mother Box
Conan: Bloodaxe + Magneto Helmet + Silver Surfer’s Board
Black Panther: Ebony Blade + Nega Bands
Mr. Miracle: Devil Slayer Shadow Cloak + Astro Harness 

OMAC drone 


1 month training 
3 days prep high tech lab
3 days field prep
Detailed knowledge of opponents and items 
Alignment convertor 


the Alliance of Heroes for Offensive Logistics and Expeditionary Strategy

Guy Gardner [17 pts]
---Thor's Battle Armor {3 pts}

Namor [12 pts]
---Captain America's Shield {3 pts}
---Hogun's mace, Hridgandr {2 pts}

Quicksilver [6 pts]
---Wonder Woman's Bracelets {2 pts}
---Lasso of Persuasion {4 pts}
---Sword of Hephaestus {5 pts}

USAgents [3 pts]
---Thunderstrike {8 pts}

Rocket Racoon [1 pt]
---X-O Manowar suit {11 pts}

Robin (Damian Wayne) [1 pt]
---Venom Symbiote {8 pts}
---Grasscutter {4 pts}

Moon Dragon 12 pts
--Askani Psimitar 2 pts
---Mithril chain mail shirt and trousers 3 pts


-1 Month Training: Captain America - 4
-Detailed Knowledge of opponents - 5 
-24 hours prep - 1

Alignment converter - [USAgent/Thunderstrike] 2 pts
Alignment converter - [Rocket Racoon/X-O Manowar armor] 2 pts
Psychometric Crash Course - [Quicksilver / Sword of Hephaestus] 2 pts
Detailed knowledge of the battlefield 2 pts

10) Rehzon


Apocalypse 23

Mr Sinister 12 
Bloodstone fragment 5pts
Angle Man's Awesome Angler 6pts

Ant-Man Pym 3
Father Box  8 pts
the Atom’s bio belt  9 pts
Batman Beyond Terry's Batsuit - 4pts

Kavita Rao 1
the Atom’s bio belt  9 pts
Batman Beyond Terry's Batsuit - 4pts

Alyssa Moy 1
the Wand of Watoomb 12pts
Blue Beetle’s Scarab - 9pts

V.A.P.S:-Doombot  20 pts

10 Extra:
Mass hypnosis 
Friendship and teamwork like The Authority-7pts
Pym particle pocket lab-3pts
One week prep in a high tech lab - 6pts
Detailed knowledge of your opponents and their items - 5pts
3 days on field prep - 4 pts
One month for training- 3pts

11) Tongan Giant

CHARACTERS (40 Points)
Ultimate Colossus - E-Meta - 6 Points
Batwoman - Street - 1 Point
Northstar - Meta - 3 Points
Destiny - Meta - 3 Points
Daken - E-Meta - 6 Points
Mystique - Meta - 3 Points
Iceman - E-Meta - 6 Points
Karma - E-Meta - 6 Points
Midnighter - E-Meta - 6 Points

ITEMS (50 Points)
Bloodstone Fragment - 5 Points
Venom Injection System - 3 Points
Jarnbjorn - 3 Points
Vixens Tantu Totem - 6 Points
Psychomans Control Box - 7 Points
Radioactive Spider Bite - 7 Points
Scarecrows Fear Toxin - 3 Points
Uru Pounders (Custom Fit) - 3 Points
(4) Image Inducer - 4 Point
Dr Midnites Blackout Bombs and Goggles - 1 Point
Kick Inhaler - 8 Points
Predator Cloaking Device - 3 Points

V.A.P (20 Points)
Two T-1000 - 10 Points each
O.M.A.C. Drone -14 pts

-3 Months Training with Stick (Stealth/Ninja Training) - 6 Points
-Detailed knowledge of your opponents and their items: includes detailed information of strengths, weaknesses, and biographies, (similar to a Shield dossier) - 5pts
-One week on field prep - 6 pts
-GPS: each of your team members has a GPS--they see it when they close their eyes-with the up-to-date location of the enemy, (is only specific up to 50 meters) - 2 pts
-Detailed knowledge of battlefield: this includes topographical map with sites of interest, as a well as a brief overview of the environment’s inhabitants and their history. - 2 pts
-Shadow Ops - 5 pts
-Personality Augmentation - 2 pts

12) Brother Voodoo

Avengers: Black Label (all black members/former members of The Avengers)  

Pulsar/Monica Rambeau 17pts

Storm/Ororo Monroe 12 pts

+Spartan Mjolnir Armor 4pts(assigned to Storm
+Medieval Warhammer 1pt (assigned to Storm)

Spider Man/Miles Morales 6pts
+Iron Spider suit 5pts (assign to miles Morales)
+Deadpool's teleporter belt
+Mr. Terrific's t-spheres

Brother Voodoo 12pts

Blade 6pts
+Hofund 7pts
+Nightfall's bracelets 5 pts
+Hawkman's Nth metal Wings and boots  4 pts

Luke Cage 6 pts
+Hercules Key 7 pts
+Legion Flight Ring 3 pts
+Juggernaut's helmet 3 pts
+Okoye's spear 3 pts

33pts (bank 7pts)

Quinn Jet (14pts)
SHIELD flying car(4pts)
Avengers Skycycle (2ts)


Gps 2pts
One month training 3pts
Detailed knowledge of opponents and their items 5pts

MadTitan is going to draft his team whole cloth, and the other players who have not finalized their team, are you going to do so.

After then finish up, people running two teams are going present their second teams, to be approved by me, and one that's done then we can set the tournament schedule.

---the late great Donald Blake

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