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Subj: Do Celestials use cosmic power, though? I do agree that Odin Force > Galactus.
Posted: Fri Sep 10, 2021 at 06:55:18 am EDT (Viewed 99 times)
Reply Subj: The Odin Force by a large margin..
Posted: Wed Sep 08, 2021 at 10:04:47 pm EDT (Viewed 115 times)

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    Odinforce vs Speedforce vs Power Cosmic

    At the highest levels, which is more OP?

If you take a fully fed Galactus, and whomever the Speed Force gives power to- it's not even a contest. The Odin Force fused a warrior race that conquer entire Galaxies- that lived in countless thousands separate worlds into one being; with one mind, one soul, and one body. Furthermore, at its peak the Odin Force could defeat the likes of Surtur. Mangog, etc. with just a wave of his hand. Finally, just a portion of the Odin Force was conquering the entire MU, and destroying worlds million of light years away; and with a wave of his hand Odin restored countless DESTROYED worlds located light years separate from each other, resurrected all of the inhabitants, and wiped out all of their memories.

A fully fed Galactus that needs a world to survive does not have that scope of power- and never will. The Speed Force which is composed of Anti- Matter, tachyon particles, etc. and can produce lightning, and manipulate time is not that impressive to me. Thor can LITERALLY throw Mjolnir at the the edge of the Galaxy, and fly back to him in less than 60 seconds flat (return trip). Thor does not need the speed Force to accomplish this feat; neither did Infinity who was destroying Galaxies at Warp speed, and destroying worlds millions of light years away AT THE SAME TIME!! Read the Saga.. Thus, Infinity had truly VAST control of Time and Space, and the unbelievable power to carry out Universal destruction on a large scale. Heck, even Thor carry out a feat once in which he threw his hammer, and it's speed literally transcended both Time and Space.

As far as Thor and his Spatial capabilities- he could simply throw his hammer at FTL speed and materialize mere inches from his opponent's face. If said speedster is running at 300 miles per hour, or 6000 miles per hour, or a 100,000 miles per hour- there's no way in hell he or she can avoid a collision when a hammer materializes right in front of him traveling at such speed . The combination of the speedster own speed and Mjolnir speed would be unavoidable. If Batman had this power- he would've eliminated quite many speedsters in the DC Universe by now.

An Odin Powered Thor casually killed Galactus, and, before he finished him off for good, he handily won all other rounds / fights in the same arc. It wasn't even close.
And that was the most powerful form of Galactus ever. So, I have no doubt on my mind that Odin Force > Galactus.

I am just not sure if Galactus is the ultimate wielder of the Cosmic Power. Maybe, the more powerful Cosmic Beings, like Celestials and Eternity, are powered by a different force...?

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