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Subj: Re: Fantastic Four vs the X-Men (Morph, Sunfire, Jean Grey, Colossus)
Posted: Sat Sep 11, 2021 at 01:45:15 pm EDT (Viewed 97 times)
Reply Subj: Fantastic Four vs the X-Men (Morph, Sunfire, Jean Grey, Colossus)
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Fantastic Four vs the X-Men

Morph (Exiles)
Jean Grey non-Phoenix

Who wins?


Johnny produces only flames but Sunfire's radioactive/nuclear abilities and martial arts give him a much sharper edge.

Ben vs Peter... There's little question that Pete is the stronger of the two (usually, Spikey thing was a two to three hundred tonner and Angrir was even stronger than that) while Ben is the better fighter. However, Ben has beaten a lot of people out of his weight category before through sheer tenacity and skill. I'd say that out of Marvel's bricks, Grimm is definitely the best non-divine fighter. I'd give Ben a bit of an advantage since the difference in strength between the two is small enough for Grimm's better skill to come out on top.

Jean vs Sue...Telepathy + telekinesis beats invisibility + force fields. Susan would need Jean to be distracted in order to catch her unaware. Or some other advantage. Jean wins this in a close one.

Morph would beat Mr Fantastic in a one on one fight of the elastics. He's far more fluid with his ability than MF, able to transform his shape into literally anything imaginable. He can become weapons, vehicles, machines- and all with the exact functionality and capabilities of the actual equipment. Mr Fantastic has been shown to reshape himself into simple shapes (spheres, cubes, chutes), extend himself, and bind or constrict opponents. He can form his hands into oversized clubs and mallets for bashing but not much else. For elasticity, he can't keep up with Morph. The only way MF could dominate and have a better chance of winning would be to use his greater intellect to create a weapon or gadget that he could use to help him out. In that capacity, Mr Fantastic does trump Morph but in a battle of powers only: its Morph all day over Mr Fantastic

Ben would fall to the rest of the X-Men...