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Subj: Re: Agreed, but a few things...
Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2021 at 06:38:10 am EDT (Viewed 92 times)
Reply Subj: Agreed, but a few things...
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    GL ring may be able to extend lifespan somewhat....didn't Guy give himself peak human strength with it?

I'm not familiar with that incident, but I imagine a GL ring can effectively enhance the wearer's strength in some fashion (Batman used one that way in JLA: The Nail, although that's an Elseworlds story). The thing is, is effects produced by a GL ring are always temporary, so far as I've seen. They last as long as you keep willing them to, or as long as your ring charge lasts, whichever ceases to apply first. And if Kingdom Come is any indication, Hal Jordan appeared to be aging like a normal human there.

    As to herald, it may depend on what your base power is...if you could choose shape-shifting or something, maybe it would work...

Has any Herald ever been given a choice as to what their powerset would be? My impression is that it's always been a take it or leave it proposition.