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Subj: Re: Which would you rather be chosen by; Mjolnir, Green Lantern Ring, The Wizard Shazam, or Galactus?
Posted: Thu Sep 16, 2021 at 07:00:36 am EDT (Viewed 78 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Which would you rather be chosen by; Mjolnir, Green Lantern Ring, The Wizard Shazam, or Galactus?
Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2021 at 11:07:53 am EDT (Viewed 92 times)

    My question to you my old nemesis, don't you think that the Surfer with all his powers couldn't change into his normal form with all the experience that he has through out the years.

I certainly don't think Stan Lee intended him to have that ability, otherwise why wouldn't he have used it, rather than wearing a trenchcoat, hat and shades in order to walk among humans undetected?

    I believe this will answer your obnoxious comment lmao.

No offence or insult was intended. Just an attempt at dry humour.

    Once he was free of Earth, the Surfer remotely converted the board to energy, recalled it to him, and reformed it in space. The Surfer has displayed the ability to shed his silver skin and revert to his original appearance as Norrin Radd, masking the Power Cosmic and allowing him to be more inconspicuous when needed.

Yes, the Surfer has clearly done this. Only under Dan Slott, as far as I'm aware, but nevertheless he has done it.

However, if you were to become a new Herald of Galactus, you shouldn't expect to get his exact powerset. So far as I've seen, Galactus has never made two Heralds that were exactly alike. Each new Herald had a different appearance and somewhat different powers from the ones before. Some powers like superhuman strength and durability, flight, and some form of energy manipulation are common to most or all Heralds, but the ability to revert to their original appearance isn't something that any Herald aside from the Surfer has clearly demonstrated. That being the case, you absolutely shouldn't count on receiving that ability as a new Herald. It's a big gamble, at best.

Also, even if you did get the Surfer's exact powerset, look at everything else that came with the bargain the Surfer got. He had to leave his home planet and the woman he loved behind, in order to spend decades helping Galactus devour worlds.

Is that powerset so much more valuable to you than all the others on offer in this thread, that you'd be willing to do all that to get it? Are you assuming you could somehow wriggle out of working for Galactus at all, without him stripping you of your powers, or outright killing you as punishment? He certainly intended to kill the Surfer the first time the Surfer disobeyed him. The only reason he didn't is because Reed Richards -- with the guidance of the Watcher -- threatened him with the Ultimate Nullifier. You might not have the FF and the Watcher to help you out like that, so that's another big gamble.

Furthermore, even if you got the Surfer's powerset, and somehow got away with not having to serve Galactus at all, you wouldn't be invulnerable whenever you removed your silver coating. The Surfer showed that he could reattach a severed arm by putting it back in place and then recoating himself, but what if his head had been chopped off instead? Or what if he'd been shot or stabbed in the brain? Could he have still used his powers to heal himself under those circumstances, or would that potentially have killed him? Without clear answers to those questions, you'd be taking yet another big gamble there.

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