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Subj: Re: Avengers #750... She-Hulk, Thor, ODIN (in terms), Phoenix, Doctor Doom (kind of)...
Posted: Wed Dec 01, 2021 at 04:08:45 pm EST (Viewed 114 times)
Reply Subj: Avengers #750... She-Hulk, Thor, ODIN (in terms), Phoenix, Doctor Doom (kind of)...
Posted: Wed Dec 01, 2021 at 05:57:45 am EST (Viewed 235 times)

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I can't write much now, but I will drop just some quick spoilers with feats:

* She-Hulk absorbs a 68 Megaton gamma bomb, powered by her own radiation, that was designed to kill all Atlanteans. Later, she is inside the Avengers' Mountain (which is actually a dead Celestial's body) and she is glowing with gamma energy. The Avengers remark this is too much energy even for her. She walks away. They try to contain her to no avail (and Iron Man asks where Thor is, implying only he could do it). She walks into the core of the mountain and unleashes a great amount of energy. It's stated that she burned out the infection that was killing the mountain (and seemingly she was powered up for that reason, to save that Celestial). She-Hulk comes out looking like her old self, but, strangely, there is no indication whether or not she burned out her powerup (it's not mentioned. They say she burned out the infection... the issue has some quirk details that seem misleading). She clears herself and gets acquitted at Russia's Supreme Court, and takes a leave of the Avengers (but goes to the bottom of the Ocean to meet Namor).

* Odin Powered Thor casually defeats Perun and Chenoborg and sends both to hospital. We just see Thor Perun on panel, with a Mjolnir strike.

* After threathening to kill Mephisto, in a confusing exchange on Earth 616 (One Million B.C.), Doom Supreme (who is the sorceror supreme of his timeline) defeats off-panel the uber powerful pre-historic Avengers, including the PHOENIX and the Starbrand (major feat for him), EXCEPT FOR... ODIN.
Odin hurls the hammer, BUT... when it's about to strike Doom, there is a discreet caption stating it is now Earth-818 (and not Earth 616, where the Phoenix and Starbrand were defeated), but also One Million B.C.. Doom Supreme casually deflects Mjolnir with a spell,and Odin's hand is destroyed, as well as most of his flesh. Young Thanos then kills him with a weapon, and he says he will kill all Odins from all timelines.
So, 616 Odin wasn't defeated, and, maybe, we have some evidence that 616-Odin >>> the Phoenix Force and the Starbrand. He at least survived the same attack that killed the other two.

* Red Widow had Hyperion imprisioned in the red room to brainwash him. As the Squadron Supreme goes to rescue him, Power Princess kills Doctor Spectrum by perforating his chest with her own arm, and steals his power prism, becoming even more powerful. Red Widow reveals the brainwashing was under his own request, as he wanted to break free from his programming (to love America etc.). She seemingly teams up with Power Princess and Blur, who lets her finish Hyperion's brainwashing.

So Odin in his prime superior to any but Celestials?

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