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Subj: He's right on a couple of key points.
Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2007 at 03:59:25 am EST
Reply Subj: Interesting take on WWII
Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2007 at 10:39:11 am EST

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Not exactly a run of the mill take on WWII. Think hes right about Stalin tho.

> Not exactly a run of the mill take on WWII. Think hes right about Stalin tho.

Hitler's invasion of Russia was likely his biggest mistake in WWII.

He's right that if Hitler had focused on western Europe, and continued to carve up the territory between Germany and Russia with Stalin, Hilter and Stalin would have continued to be strong allies. In actual application, Hitler's facism was quite similiar to Stalin's communism.

It's also true that Europe was firmly in the grip of facism/imperialism pre-1945.

Really, it was only America, Canada, and a few other nations, that were genuinely pro-libertarian (in any sense of the word) at the time.

I think that he's also right that a burgeoning economy, and effective war propaganda, is more important than sheer military might, in a long drawn-out war.

Germany and Japan *did* have the world's strongest militaries when WWII began, and through out much of the war.

It's just that Hitler made some breathtakingly bad strategic errors (invading Russia before he had western Europe thoroughly under his control, holding off on a land invasion of Great Britian, failing to court more allies, etc...), and the American war machine mobilized like nobody's business after Pearl Harbour, largely due to a booming economy, a vastly growing industrial sector, and very effective war propaganda.

When you think about it... America vs. Germany circa WWII is *much* more of an even fight than America vs. Iraq today... yet America won the former, and is having problems in the latter.

This is because America simply isn't able to get everybody on-side with a war effort like she used to be able to. The war propaganda doesn't sell well any more.