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Subj: Re: Joe The Plumber...
Posted: Fri Oct 17, 2008 at 02:45:26 am EDT (Viewed 927 times)
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> > ***I keep hearing about this guy and McCain keep referencing this guy. McCain says that Barack Obama is gonna tae Joes wealth and spread it around...except...Joe the plumber, who isn't a plumber, who isn't really gonna buy a business worth $250,000, who is not an independent, but in fact right wing, and would actually benefit from Barack Obama's plan. If he is a representative of What we all call middle class since he makes well under $250,000 year, why is McCain talking about this guy and acting as if everything I just said is the opposite of false? The more I look at the whole situation surrounding this guy it kind of tells me how bad the McCain campaign has been run? They need to do their research before they refer to somebody in a national debate over a dozen times and reference him as if he is the exact type of person that McCain would help.
> As far as I know, he actually is a plumber. He works for another guy who has the actual license and owns the actual business, and he works under that. It's a common situation in contracting.

***I was under the impression he was a license plumber but that it doesn't even matter.

> Basic definition time. Independent means you aren't a registered member of a political party. I don't know if Joe is a member of either party, and I don't recall anyone saying what his political affiliation was. But he claims that he is an undecided voter.

***Correct. I just keep hearing that he has been on right wing talk shows and that his father is a huge donor to the republican party and everything that was coming out of his mouth today on the news just seemed like it was right out of a McCain campaign note book. "Social Security being a joke etc...

> Also, the definitions of upper class is not really exact. People define it in numerous different was. It doesn't have anything to do with the number $250K (in most cases). A common definition is anyone that has a net worth of $1M, which isn't that hard to do.
> As for Joe's situation, it would be hard to guess his income. Remember that it's total household income, so it's not that far fetched for his family to make more than $250K a year. Plumbers do make a lot money, but it's highly variable depending on the jobs, region, etc.

***It has been reported that he made about 40k last year.

> Obama's plan is to raise taxes on anyone making over $250K, so this could easily effect alot of self employed people. His basic tax plan is to tax the rich more, and the poor less. And while I am somewhat in favor of progressive taxes, there comes a point when you have to ask how much is enough. It's the same thing with businesses. Sooner or later, they will leave for greener pastures.

***With the economic crisis though clearly the policies of the last 8 years have not worked and McCains plan has very little differences compared to Bush's. Major tax cuts for major corporations, Big tax cuts for millionaires, etc... The people who can use the tax cuts are the same people who make up most of this country while the people who would be getting taxed a bit more could afford to. I happen to fit within that 95% of people that Obama would cut taxes I may be a bit biased.

> Small business owners have been getting screwed over by the government for years, and people never think about them. Something as simple as raising minimum wage, which many people are for, have disastrous results for small businesses.

***At the same time raising minimum wage helps many people to put food in their families is circular the way things work.

> But McCain was just using him as an example, and not talking about him specifically. Obama did the same.

*** is just that McCain used him so much it just seemed suspect, and after hearing him speak today I just couldn't help but feel there is something off about the whole thing with this guy.

***This is the initial article I read about the whole situation.

my research led me to this site which admittedly seems very left.

and this

To be honest with you...I do not even care all that much, but...after hearing the guys name in the media all day...I just had to know what was goin on there...I feel like there is just enough suspicion surrounding Joe that it makes this seem like a not so good stunt from McCain.

I am so over this election. I just want to vote and be done with it.

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