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> ***I was under the impression he was a license plumber but that it doesn't even matter.

Well technically, lots of plumbers aren't licensed. Like I said, they just work off of someone elses license. If you don't know much about contracting, then it not something you would ever really know.

> ***Correct. I just keep hearing that he has been on right wing talk shows and that his father is a huge donor to the republican party and everything that was coming out of his mouth today on the news just seemed like it was right out of a McCain campaign note book. "Social Security being a joke etc...

I'm sure he is going to be on any show that will have him, regardless of right or left. And I can only take him at his word that he is undecided.

> > Obama's plan is to raise taxes on anyone making over $250K, so this could easily effect alot of self employed people. His basic tax plan is to tax the rich more, and the poor less. And while I am somewhat in favor of progressive taxes, there comes a point when you have to ask how much is enough. It's the same thing with businesses. Sooner or later, they will leave for greener pastures.
> ***With the economic crisis though clearly the policies of the last 8 years have not worked and McCains plan has very little differences compared to Bush's. Major tax cuts for major corporations, Big tax cuts for millionaires, etc... The people who can use the tax cuts are the same people who make up most of this country while the people who would be getting taxed a bit more could afford to. I happen to fit within that 95% of people that Obama would cut taxes I may be a bit biased.

I see someone is using the Obama talking points.

Deregulation of the housing market has been happening since the 80s. So you would have to say the "the policies of the last few decades" or so to be more accurate.

Besides, the President doesn't have that much control of the economy that most people thing he has. His only power is to enforce the law, not to make it. Also, Congress has been controlled by Democrats for a while now. So it wasn't Bush's failed policies, but the governments.

And come on. The American corporate tax rate is one of the highest in the world. It doesn't make any sense for a company to come here. We need to encourage companies to come here, not scare them off. But besides, I don't think that corporations have seen any clear tax cuts during the Bush Administration.

> > Small business owners have been getting screwed over by the government for years, and people never think about them. Something as simple as raising minimum wage, which many people are for, have disastrous results for small businesses.

> ***At the same time raising minimum wage helps many people to put food in their families is circular the way things work.

So, what percentage of people who have minimum wage jobs have families?

> > But McCain was just using him as an example, and not talking about him specifically. Obama did the same.

> *** is just that McCain used him so much it just seemed suspect, and after hearing him speak today I just couldn't help but feel there is something off about the whole thing with this guy.

I'm sure McCain used him because it was an example of someone that is theoretically hurt by Obama's tax plan, and helped by McCain's.

Joe The Plumber Is, It Seems, Not A Tax Expert
via The Full Feed from by The Huffington Post News Editors on 10/16/08

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, a.k.a. "Joe the Plumber," is the topic of the day on the campaign trail, in part because he held an impromptu press conference Thursday morning in front of his house to discuss tax policy, his disdain for Social Security, and his critiques of Barack Obama.

Already, however, there is some dispute as to whether or not Wurzelbacher was being accurate with his critique of Obama. His business, as ABC reports, would almost certainly get a tax cut under Obama's plan, given that he does not expect to make anywhere close to $250,000 in profits.

Moreover, for someone worried about his taxes, Wurzelbacher doesn't -- it appears - always pay them. A filing with the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas shows that he has had state tax liens filed against him, meaning he was either delinquent or didn't fully cover taxes that he owed.

A representative at the court explained that Wurzelbacher had not paid $1,182.98 of personal income tax. The state filed a lien on January 26, 2007, and the payment remains outstanding. But the court rep also cautioned that this all may have occurred without Wurzelbacher's knowledge.

"We get hundreds of state liens every day and we don't have to make a judgment on them. We are just putting in there what the state says is owed. We don't notify that person and neither does the state. If there was activity on this lien, if they attempted to collect it on this case - which they haven't -- it would show up. But I am 99.9 percent positive that he doesn't even know about this."

Tax-issues aside, the "Joe-the-Plumber" fervor seems to be spreading beyond small town Ohio. On the streets of Manhattan this morning, a plumbing company car was spotted with a "Joe The Plumber For President" poster on its side.

But before Obama supporters fret about losing the plumber vote, it's worth noting that the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters has endorsed the Illinois Democrat, in part because the union thinks he has the best economic agenda for its members.

"Obama will help us keep existing jobs and work to develop new, higher paying jobs here in America, reform our health care system, fix our ailing schools and make sure that the pensions of our retirees are safe," the union said.

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